This article provides information about stress that often brings depression, and states how it can be managed.

Stress, according to expert, is part and part of active life. It here means that when one is alive and active, he or she will definitely face stress. In such a situation, what is needed to be done is to welcome stress, and see how to manage it. Such type of stress acts as a booster to life. But the kind of stress the results in distress, emotional disorders, fatigue, mental disturbances, physical wear and tear, low output, depression, and health deterioration.

Stress also produces such psychological problems like sadness, inferiority complex, boredom, tenseness, worry, fuzziness and temper flares. It also accompanies headache, sweating, and rapid breathing, etc.

To cope with stress, it first requires knowing what it really is. The psychology of stress holds that stress is not influence of a bad occurrence; it is your mind's response to your body's protest against stressful situations. If your mind interprets the situations negatively, stress is the outcome. Actually stress is a function of the mind. You cannot deceive your mind so as to over stretch your body beyond its capacity. However good enough you are in mind conditioning, if you over stretch your body beyond its limit, your body will breakdown.

It is actually possible to condition your mind to accept your duties and responsibilities cheerfully and without complaint, and this is one way of coping with stress. But while conditioning your mind to do ths, try also to cut out or cut down your duties and responsibilities according to your strength. It
therefore means that you must be able to know where your strength can carry you to and stop, for too much work brings stress. Many people slump and fall down due to too much work and inability to manage stress.

We may learn to manage stress and its effect in order to have good health and be free from negative behaviors, such as anxiousness and depression disorders. You must be able to cope with stress whatever your occupation or career. The following coping strategies can offer help.

1. Think Positive

When you think positive, you are certainly going to cope with stress. Therefore be positive about your daily duties, assignments, jobs and responsibilities. Receive and accept them cheerfully. This will enable you to work willingly and tirelessly. Thus, enabling you to cope with stress.

2. Delegate your Duties to Others

Make sure you share the load you are carrying with others. Do not think that you are the only one who can do everything. Others in your employ can also help you accomplish your tasks, by delegating some duties and responsibilities to them. With this, you can see that their various talents will be put to use and your stress level is cut down. Thus, able to manage stress.

3. Always Plan your Work Schedule

On a daily basis, always plan your daily work schedule. This will enable you to follow through to the end. An unplanned work schedule, results in an unending work schedule. Your daily schedule of work should be in line with your ability or strength.

4. Eat Balanced Diet

Balanced diets will help your body to remain strong and healthy. This will enable your body to withstand any shock and able to cope with some stress. Eating balanced diets helps build up all the necessary nutrients your body needs to be able to function appropriately without breaking down easily. Eat fruits and vegetables. Your daily diets should contain about 95 percent fruits and vegetables, to help build your body's immunity.

5. Relax, Rest and Sleep Well

Having a good rest and relaxation is good for your health. Also, having up to eight hours of sleep will help boost your health and keep you strong. Good sleep refreshes your mind and enables you to cope with any stressful situation.

6. Exercise Daily

Take a brisk walk daily. Exercise will help keep your body fit and healthy too. You can do jogging, swimming, walking, stretching, massaging of face and body, etc. Exercising daily will also help you cope with stress, by helping to make you feel better.

7. Communication through Writing and Speaking

Make sure you have a good contact with your subjects at all times. You can do so through writing and speaking through the phone. When contacts are made, this will help you reduce or cope with stress.

To your stress management and success.

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