Successful marketing tips are things you need to do in order to get your own blog of the ground and after that marketing it on the Internet to get traffic to it and eventually earning an income from it.There are many different ways you can go about this, here is how I do it. (I probably forget about something, so leave a comment below ;) )

#1: The first step is to think about what you are really interested in and enjoy.It does not really matter what it is because there is a market for everything online.Avoid getting into niches like online marketing or make money online.These niches are so crowded and nearly impossible to rank for.

(Tip: Go to and type in online marketing or make money online, see how many results come up!)

The goal is to rank in the search engines in the top 10 results.If you cannot think about anything, go to or and browse through the categories.You will probably get some great ideas.A smaller niche like "dog puppy collars" is a lot easier to rank for than "dog puppy" for instance. Some people say you need to do keyword research in order to find the right niches to get into.This is usually a good idea, the best place to learn about this is a website called

#2: Once you know what you want to start blogging about, it is time to look for a suitable domain name.This will become the internet address where people can find your blog.It is recommended to have your keyword (the thing you want to blog about) in the domain name because this will help the search engines know what your blog is about.

Registering a domain name can be done at, there are also other domain name registrars available but this one has always worked without any problems.It is recommended to have a .com domain name, but if you cannot afford it you can choose another domain suffix like .biz or .info.These suffixes cost only a few dollars per year.Follow the instructions carefully when purchasing your domain name, if you wish you can choose private domain registration.This way you will not get spammed because your contact information is private and cannot be found online.Private domain registration costs about $9 per year.

#3: Once you have your own domain name, it is time to get a hosting account.This is where all your blog files will be stored.The best web hosting service I have found is a monthly fee of only $9.95 you can host an unlimited amount of domains.Changing the name servers from GoDaddy to HostGator and then setting up the Wordpress blog using Fantastico are the next steps you need to do.

This may sound difficult, but it really is not.HostGator has live support that will tell you step-by-step exactly what to do, they will even do this for you if you ask.It is also recommended to change the login name to something else than "admin" and the password should be at least 15 characters with numbers and special characters to make it as difficult as possible to break in to it.You can never be to sure online.

#4. Now when the name servers are changed (this step can take some time) and the blog is setup it is time to login and start configuring the blog. A Wordpress blog has lots of different plugins.You can add plugins (in Wordpress 3.0) under "Plugins" and "add new".

I like to use the following ones on my blogs:

- Akismet
- CommentLuv
- Do Follow
- Google XML Sitemaps
- KeywordLuv
- Platinum SEO Pack
- WP Tags to Technorati
- Zemanta

There are hundreds of different plugins for Wordpress blogs, but these above will be all you need at this point.I will not go into details of what all these plugins do, when it is time to install them you will see a full description of what they do.Remember to activate the plugins.Akismet is really important because it prevents spam.You will need a special key for it to work, you can get a key by going to and signing up for a free blog. (You can use this free blog in the future for other purposes like writing an article on it and linking back to your main blog.)

You need to set the ping list as well so the different services online will be notified everytime you make a new post.I like to use this ping list:

The ping list can be changed under "Settings" and "Writing".These were the basic setting you need to do before you write your first post.

You will probably need some "how to" information when it comes to tweaking Wordpress.The best place to get more information and help for doing specific things with Wordpress is to visit WordpressMax .com by Jeff Houdyschell.It is the best place to find "how to" information regarding self hosted Wordpress blogs.

#5. The next step is to start writing content regularly containing your main keyword and related keywords.To look for related keywords you can go to Google Adwords keyword tool (go to Google and type in "adwords keyword tool" to find it, and entering your main keyword.You will get a list of keywords that you can use to get ideas about what to write about.

Posting regularly is very important.Choose a posting schedule and then stick to it.At some point you will have difficulties in finding something useful to write about.At this point you can outsource some of your article writing and/or use a special software.

I recommend using this article writing service by Jeff Schuman,, and a blogging software called UtilityPoster,

#6. When you have at least 5 articles on your blog it is time to sign up for Google Adsense.You will place ads on your blog and earn money every time a visitor clicks on them.Go to to apply for an account and follow the instructions.Google will visit your blog and if there is good content on it they will most likely approve you.If Google does not approve you, then there are other ways to monetize your blog like affiliate programs closely related to your niche or

#7.To get traffic to your blog you will need to do a lot of link building.This can be done by writing articles and submitting them to,, and other article directories.You will get a powerful link back to your blog from each of these sites.After a while you can also start using social media sites.There are so many of them these days and it is really difficult to get it right, so that´s why I recommend grabbing the free Authority Black Book by Jack Humphrey from It is the #1 guide for social media marketing.

Search on Google for other blogs in the same niche as you and write a helpful comment.Comments are not automatic and something like "nice post" will not help you because it will probably not be approved. If your comment is approved by the blog owner, you will get another link back to your own blog.Always do blog commenting manually, one by one.Try to do at least 5 great blog comments on different blogs per day.

There are many sites offering automatic blog commenting, stay away from them.The same goes for sites offering to submit your blog to 10,000 search engines for $7.This is a total waste of money and you can get accused of spamming.

Bonus Tip #8: If you do not want to setup your own blog, then you can start writing articles and post them on revenue sharing sites, like for instance.No need to worry about getting a domain name, hosting and building your own blog.All you need to do is write high quality articles that are helpful for the readers.Your articles will eventually be found on Google and other search engines and you will get paid every time a visitor clicks on an advertisement in one of your articles.

These were my 7 + 1 successful marketing tips.There are no secure 9-5 jobs anymore, so taking the time to build your own additional income stream that can pay the bills in the future is a very good decision.I hope you found this article helpful and will use it to start building an income online.Get started today and see if you can start earning an income working from the comfort of your home.