Days are gone when having an office job was the most ideal situation. The onset of the internet has really caused a great revolution in the job and now many people earn megabucks from the comfort of homes. There is countless work from home jobs that have proved to be lucrative and even much better than an office jobs in many aspects.

Some of the reasons as to why these jobs are gaining much popularity are the drastic changes in family dynamics as well as the lean times that have gripped the global economy.

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Listed below is some of work at home opportunities that creative individuals are taking advantage of.

  • Medical transcriptionists: Working as a medical transcriptionist is indeed a tough job and one that really pays well. You’ll find that nearly every medical facility seeking these professionals requires someone with substantial experience. In other cases, employers are specific on the school in which one attended. Basically the job entails listening and writing up dictation from doctors. Positions for medical transcriptionists are incredibly in high demand and they also offer an opportunity for earning good income. Earnings range between $10 and $20 per hour.


  • Virtual assistants: Many employers are looking for ways to cut overheads in order to remain competitive in the market. As a result, majority of them resort to outsourcing some of the work individuals working from home. Basically as a virtual assistant you’re charged with the responsibility of handling concerns or queries from employees or clients with regard to business operations. Currently there are dozens of companies online that are offering these opportunities. Small businesses have also been in the forefront in hiring virtual assistants, especially in situations where hiring a fulltime employee is not essential.


  • Translators: This work at home job is ideal for individuals that are fluent in more than one language. Many organizations have embarked on establishing a foothold in areas with language barriers in a bid to increase their market share. They are thus looking for translators who’ll be able to work from home despite of their geographical location for the ease of their business operations. You can find these opportunities at


  • Affiliate marketing: This is in indeed an ideal job that allows you to make good money when somebody is doing the work for you. Many companies have embraced this strategy and people are earning considerable money through this. The good thing about this Work-From-Home job is that you don’t necessarily need to do everything by yourself but you can actually get people to work for you. With due diligence and patience, affiliate marketing can turn out to be a lucrative business.


  • Writer/Editor: The publishing industry, both online and offline, has continued to grow quite phenomenally over the recent past and opportunities keep on springing up every now and them. These include jobs such as writing, proofreading and editing of web content. Individuals with experience can also foray into blogging as it has also proved to be quite lucrative and fun. You can earn money blogging in someone else’s site and start making money through revenue sharing.


  • Virtual tutors: The internet has created great teaching opportunities, with many learners opting to study virtually. Virtual tutors are therefore in huge demand whereby they offer lessons through collaborative multimedia software offered by schools. The level income basically depends on the number of hours that you want to teach as well as the kind of classes that you intend to teach.
  • Franchise owner: There’s no doubt that nowadays you can establish an online franchise and start earning megabucks from it. This work from home job only requires you to have initial investment and then move on to create brand awareness through strategic online marketing strategies such as article marketing, link building, blogging and many more.