Most Brilliant Strategists and Tacticians

Amazing Generals of all Time


We were taught a lot in our childhood about heroes who once walked the earth. In every war throughout human history, we learned a lot of good military leaders who performed well in battle. These commanders led their troops to one victory after another. They recruited, trained, and bled with their men in every conflicts that they faced. The following are known in the record books as the greatest commanders that made their mark in history.


Alexander the Great

For me, Alexander the Great is the greatest military general ever. He is King of Macedonia who led Greece in defeating King Darius of Persia.  He never lost any battle in his conquests of Asia Minor, Persia, Egypt, Central Asia and India. He had the complete trust of his men. His success is due to his knowledge of the terrain, use of cavalry, and foresight.  He is also known for the use of speed and surprise which he first used when a number of greek cities revolted after his father Philip’s death. He founded cities named after him. Some of these still exist in the present time.

Genghis Khan

One of the greatest general that came out of Asia. You would be amazed at the size of his empire that he built. Through his leadership and vision, he united the Mongol Empire and created the largest empire in the world in his time. He has a reputation for being ruthless to those who do not accept Mongol Rule like massive pillaging and slaughter that decimated large populations. Their most commonly used strategy is the “feigned retreat” where they would retreat so that the undisciplined enemy would give chase and be splintered into many subgroups. Once the enemy committed this, the Mongols would then counterattack the different separated groupings one by one. They were also very good in siege warfare. They would first use their captured prisoners in the front lines. These people would be the ones carrying the battering ram that will destroy the enemy gates. Also, they were excellent in the use of cavalry that led to outmaneuvering of enemy forces. His followers went on to conquer lands in medieval China, India, Persia and Eastern Europe.

Napoleon Bonaparte

In our modern history we also learned about Napoleon. He was Emperor of France who conquered much of Europe. Through his sheer genius, he defeated powerful armies like Russia, Prussia, Austria Spain, and Italy. He was regarded as one of the best military tacticians of all time. Napoleon was the first to ever use “en masse" which other nations later copied, and revolutionized modern warfare.  His primary use of mobile artillery to create openings in the enemy’s defense line was very effective. He also restored the French cavalry as a very important unit in the French Army.

Frederick the Great

He was a King of Prussia. Frederick’s ruthless discipline of the Prussian Army gave them many advantages in battle. One of his guiding tactics is the principle of interior lines which modernized warfare on how an army should operate when it is encircled by the enemy on its flanks. Though his leadership he fought victorious  wars against Austria, Russia, and France. Because he is a genius in strategies and tactics, he wrote books and treatises about war.

Erwin Rommel

Also named the “Desert Fox” because of his ability to make provisions out of nowhere. He is a veteran of World Wars 1 and 2. He nearly wiped out the Allied Forces in Africa at the beginning of the African campaign.  He finally met his match when the Allies sent General Bernard Montgomery and General George Patton. George Patton greatly admired Erwin Rommel that he read one of his book to learn more about the strategies and tactics of Rommel.

Yin Sun Sin 

An admiral in the Korean Navy and regarded as one of the greatest Korean heroes of all time. He was known for destroying an armada of Japanese warships in the Battle of Myoungyang during the Japan invasion of Korea in the late 1500s. In that battle, he only had 13 ships confronting more than 130 Japanese ships. He was also known for having built the “turtle ships” which are the first ironclad ships in history. He was never defeated even once in his sea battles with the Japanese Navy. The most remarkable trait of him that his fellowmen and his enemies high respect for was his conduct and humanity during and after battles.

Robert E. Lee

One of the most beloved generals of the American Civil War. He was the commanding general of the southern Confederate Army. He won lots of victories over the armies of the North simply by outmaneuvering them. His skillful use of trench warfare was able to hold off  numerical bodies of the Northerners. He was always outmanned but his presence alone gave calming confidence.


A Carthaginian general during the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage. He is considered to be one of the great generals in ancient history. He was more known for the use of elephants for piercing enemy formations. He defeated several roman legions. In the Battle of Cannae, his numerical cavalry advantage  defeated the roman cavalry and then helped the Carthaginian army in surrounding the romans. An estimated 70,000 roman soldiers were killed in the battle.