What kind of joy is there for a child or even an adult remembering those wonderful timeless Star Wars films? Star Wars themed LEGO sets let you relive those wonderful moments time and again with a collection of LEGO Star Wars toys. Depending if you are just a collector displaying your prized Star Wars collection or a kid building and playing with these great toys, Star Wars LEGO will continue to entertain and enthrall for decades to come. More recently, the Clone Wars television series has created new vehicles, spaceships and characters to the Star Wars saga. Not surprisingly, these new Clone Wars LEGO sets have immediately become popular toys among today's youth.

Here are 8 of the most popular of the LEGO Star Wars toys in 2010 are:

  1. LEGO Republic Attack Gunship - A great toy to add to any fan's collection. The gunship has opening crew-bay doors, a separate speeder bike, and easy assembly instructions. Over 1034 pieces in all, countless happy hours can be had playing with this quality toy.
  2. The Hyena Droid Bomber - Get ready for hours of fun with this quality toy featuring: four dropping bombs, three rocket battle droid mini-fugures and enough firepower for the separists to combat the enemy. Includes 232 pieces and easy assembly instructions
  3. Star Wars the Defender - The Empire's most advanced fighter. Includes : six flick missiles, one Stormtrooper, one Tie fighter pilot, rotating cockpit and 155 pieces with easy assembly
  4. Echo Base - From the Battle of Hoth in the film, "The Empire Strikes Back" this set has everything you need for hours of fun with: Imperial repeating blaster, Tuantuan action figure, five minifigures, Han Solo action figure, and 155 pieces easily assembled.
  5. Snow Trooper Army Pack - A detailed battle station with launching flick firing missiles, two SnowTroopers, one Imperial officer action figure, and one AT-AT driver in 74 pieces
  6. Imperial Landing Craft - Designed to get those troops to the battle zone fast. Includes: twin blaster cannons, bombs, detailed troop compartment, and firing rockets.
  7. Clone Wars Torrent - Includes: geared wing landing system with the capability of switching between landing and flying modes, flick missiles, one trooper pilot and 471 pieces
  8. Corporate Alliance Tank Droid - Includes two battle droids and two clone troopers in 216 pieces

These are just some of the popular sets available in the Star Wars LEGO universe. All of these toys are of the highest quality design and workmanship and will give the avid collector or child many hours of pride, fun and enjoyment.