The world has moved on! Where once people used to run to outdoor shops and corner stores to buy their stuff, now they only have to get online to register and request their product and service and it will be delivered to them, right at home!cloth

1)      Online Clothing Stores: My all time favorite is the online clothing store. From here, I can view clothes of different brands, their prices and order them via the ‘add to my cart’ service. The delivery time sometimes take less than 2 days depending on where their warehouses are located.




2)      Online Book Stores: As I am a huge bookworm myself, visiting is one of my favorite activities. You get to know all the latest arrivals and blockbuster, the time a new book will be released and it gives you an added convenience of pre-ordering it, so that it is delivered to your house right on time!



3)      Online Education: Now working individuals need not worryedu about finding time to attend online universities and colleges. Many education guides have launched themselves online and provide affordable online courses and classes at all hours like Acadenia’s partner open university in Dubai .




4)      Online Music: Grooveshark is one of the best online music services which you will find due to its convenience and

ease of use, not to mention the wide range of songs available. All you need to do is type the name of t

he song you want to play and then just sit back and enjoy the music.





5)      Online Travelogues: Those people with wanderlust, like me love to browse through travelogues or travel journals to read reviews about exotic places and seek information on travel locations for free.  Some examples of such online services are TripAdvisor and Cruise Critic.




6)      Online Videos: Which person, in this day and age know the name of YouTube. Online video sites allow you to view, store and share your videos with just a simple registration.  



7)      Online Social Networking/ Micro Blogging Services: FaceBook and Twitter has taken the world by storm. Even me, who previously was not so interested in the social media scene, preferring the company of real live friends, has become addicting to sending messages, chatting, sharing posts and videos to all and sundry.



   8)      Online Auction: No need to go to Sotheby’s to participate in this auction. Just log on to E-Bay and bid on all your favorite items without stepping out of the door.