If you every find yourself unable to come up with an interesting topic to write about or want to take a break from your work, check out these sites below.

These sites are filled with thought-provoking ideas that are sure to inspire your work.

Twistori (www.twistori.com)

They call this site a social experiment, a way to aggregate feelings of the world by pulling tweets from twitter that contain one or more of their five chosen emotions.

Site Concept: Their system pull tweets from anywhere in the world that contain the words HATE, LOVE, THINK, FEEL, BELIEVE, and WISH. These tweets continuously scroll on the screen. You can click on the emotion to show the tweets. The idea is to give the world a chance to go to one site and know how the world is feeling based on these 6 emotions.

What’s Good About The Site: Surprisingly, the short tweets can really give you an insight on how the world feels. Reading them can give you an idea on how crazy people’s thoughts can be and how much we can really relate to it.

We Feel Fine (www.wefeelfine.org)

This site is actually the inspiration of twistori.com and once you visit the site, you will see its influence. Unlike, twistori that concentrates on tweets that contain one or more of their six chosen words, wefeelfine searches tweets, facebook posts, news sites, and blogs.

Site Concept: The site essentially goes through the whole web for any post that contains the words “I feel” or “I am feeling”. They then pull it and present it in different ways:

1)      Through Madness - You can the internet universe. In this universe, you will see different heavenly bodies represented through dots with different colors. Click on any of the dot and you will see different posts.

2)      Through Murmurs - You can choose to let the screen scroll for different posts.

3)      Through Montage - You can view photos and other images posted in the last hour that contain the same words in their file.

4)      Through Mobs – You can select to view posts by age, gender, country, city, etc.

5)      Through Metrics – You can view how many people feel or tweeted different emotions

6)      Through Mounds – You can view a graph version of Metrics

What’s Good About The Site: It is a prolific site and is more comprehensive than Twistori. Although Twistori allows you to concentrate on 6 keywords, wefeelfine offers you more. There are different ways on how to view the thoughts of the world.

The Letters (www.theletters.org)

Disclaimer: I help out in this site

The site description says it all, this is a place where you send letters that you have never sent, say thoughts that you can’t say out loud, and imagine things that are too weird for others to understand.

Site Concept: Submit any letter, postcard, or messages. The letters they receive spans different topics. There are letters of wives to their husband’s mistress, son’s letter to his father in prison, break-up letter, and others. There are also funny breakup letters and funny ideas about love and life. There are also business letters and application letters.

What’s Good About The Site: It’s just addicting to read how different people look at different situations differently. Others opt live life with some sense of humor and others just concentrate on the tragedy.

Dear Girls Above Me (www.deargirlsaboveme.com)

We should all learn a thing or two from Charlie McDowell. For one, he knows how to use his sense of humor to survive even the most difficult of situation. Next, he is one of those guys who can make the most out of every situation.

Site Concept: He said it best – two annoying single women moved in the apartment directly above him. He can hear everything they talk about. So, he blogs picks out the funnies quips of the days, puts it on his blog and reacts to them.

What’s Good About The Site: The entries are short which means it’s easier to read and the thoughts of the two not-so-intelligent girls can give you lots of ideas on how this specific market thinks, what they like doing, and what they are into.

My Life is Average (www.mylifeisaverage.com)

My Life is Average is a classic. It has been on since 2009.

Site Concept: Users can submit a story that reflects how their life is actually average. The objective is put a focus on how “average” people’s lives really are and, in the process, teach us all how to appreciate the littlest joys in life. Each story is only as long as a twitter message. Again, this makes reading easier.

What’s Good About The Site:  There really is a certain magic about getting contents from the public. One, people are funnier than they think.  You will get ideas that you will never come up with on your own. Two, different people, different subjects, different tonalities.

Post Secret (www.postsecret.com)

Post Secret is the sad or tragic equivalent of My Life is Average.

Site Concept: People are to send in their secrets written on one side of homemade postcard and send it (via snail mail) to the site administrators. The secrets have to be thought-provoking enough for it to be published on the site. More often than not, the secrets are sad. There is this one woman who confessed that her annual OB Gynecologist exam is the only “action” she gets. There is another one who wrote about how participating in the “It Gets Better Video” made his life worse.

What’s Good About The Site: If you are looking for materials for a short story, a book, or a movie, this is one good site. It is true that the truth is always stranger than fiction. The stories are unbelievable and the secrets would make great TV or movie.

Cleverbot (www.cleverbot.com)

Artificial Intelligence at its funniest.

Site Concept: The site allows you to have a conversation with a bot. you type in anything and it will respond to what you said. It claims that the site “learns from” what other people are saying. It is designed to aggregate information from other people and use that in responding to other people in the future.

What’s Good About The Site: It’s darn funny. Cleverbot is far from being a perfect site and far from being THE artificial intelligence we are looking for but the bot can be funny. Here is an example of our conversation.

Anomalies Unlimited (http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/)

Just like what the name says, they talk about different anomalies and conspiracy theories like the moon landing, Michael Jackson’s face, and others.

Site Concept: They talk about all the anomalies and conspiracy theories that are popular in the mainstream culture. However, do not expect any serious explanation, they’re there to make a funny twist in all anomalies and conspiracy theories.

What’s Good About The Site: It’s darn funny but, most of all, it has the ability to make us all realize how silly all these conspiracy theories are. It’s just that people will believe what they want to believe.