Are you thinking of things to do on your birthday?

Whether you want some quiet time or a fun filled party, a birthday should always be marked and celebrated.

Next to Christmas, birthdays are a big thing in our family. When our kids were younger, we often prepared a party for family and friends complete with a theme, loot bags and party games. I enjoyed the planning of their parties and choosing themes, making decorations, collecting presents for the loot bags and all the things that made it special. As they grew older, I found that they want to celebrate with their group of friends and just hang out with pizza and pop. That’s fine with me too.

As an adult, my birthdays were mostly spent at work if it fell on a week day. It was business as usual with a small lunch out with my office friends. Often there was a birthday card and sometimes a cake from my other colleagues too. Then on the weekend, my family and I would take a short trip or host a small party for our friends.

At our church, we happily greet and sing for one parishioner in her late nineties once her birthday comes around. She celebrates by going to mass and I would assume, by giving thanks for her blessings.

Everyone celebrates their birthdays in different ways. What are some unique things you can do on your birthday?

B – Buy yourself a small present. Set a budget that won’t break the bank and splurge a little. Maybe get that more expensive bottle of nail polish or treat yourself to a Godiva chocolate. You know yourself best and what tiny perk makes your day. A little self-love isn’t bad to make you feel good on your special day. Today is the perfect excuse so use your free birthday pass!

I – Invent something new. You don’t have to be an artist to invent something. Make a dessert dish with ice cream, add a new ingredient then give it a new name like “Birthday Surprise.” Mix and match your clothes and come up with a new combination. If you are really a creative type, maybe you will be writing a new Info Barrel article or sewing up a new creation.  Start a new family tradition by giving everyone gifts instead of getting one yourself.  It might even be the start of a new tradition or business opportunity.

R – Rejuvenate yourself. It’s time to unload all the baggage you are carrying inside. Life is too short to be carrying grudges and bad feelings in your heart. Call up the relative you had a fight with and say you are sorry.  Think of one thing that you can do to make you a better person and work on it. Maybe you can be less grouchy in the morning. Just go to a spa or make your own spa at home to relieve the stress. Some people are lucky to get a day off from work.  If you can’t plan a small getaway on the weekend, just find something to do that will make you relax. We are never too old to improve ourselves and birthdays are a time to get that fresh start.

T – Try something new. Is there something you always wanted to do but always put off for another day? Hey, you are not getting any younger so this is your chance to go for it. “IT” can be tasting a new dish, reading that new book, getting a daring haircut, booking a cruise, going bungee jumping, take your pick! Sometimes the fun is in the trying. And you get to tick off a new thing on your bucket list too.

H – Help someone in need. A kind act or good deed always gives a spiritual boost. It can be a simple act of bringing flowers to a nursing home or signing up for a volunteer job. I don’t know why but it does give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Start your day with a smile. Being alive is a great gift so share it with others so spread the love.

D – Dial your doctor’s number and make an appointment for a physical check-up.  Plan your yearly check-up around this time and you won’t forget. You don’t have to do your medical tests today, just make the schedule. It’s always good to stay healthy and strong for your next birthday!

A – Act like a child. I don’t mean that you become childish. Just see things through the innocent eyes of a child. Wonder at the beauty of a flower or the softness of a baby’s kiss. Be more appreciative of the simple, little things. Thank all the people who greeted you on your birthday. Even if you didn’t receive a gift wrapped present, just look around and nature will provide your gifts. Rain on your birthday just might bring you a rainbow! The pot of gold is another story though.

Y – Yell out loud: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! If you are giddily crazy today, yell it out in public. Expect weird looks though but you just might get birthday greetings from strangers too! Is that too wild for you? Okay, just Tweet about it or post it on your Facebook wall then spend most of your day responding back. Yell out in the privacy of your home? Sure, why not?

Whether you are spending a quiet day by yourself or surrounded by party guests, mark the day. You are needed and loved and have a purpose to be here today. Life is a precious gift so treasure each moment. Acknowledge that you are a unique and special person, because you are.  You can fill your own day with an abundance of love and joy by sharing it with others. Happy Birthday!


Birthday Card(49291)Credit: Mogo Photos