Here is the top 8 of time travel comedy movies. There are many time travel related movies but not very many of them are comedies. Here is my pick of the top 8 time travel comedy films of all time.

ClickClick Poster

Click starred Adam Sandler playing the role of Michael Newman. Michael Newman gets a universal TV remote that allows him to skip into the future. The movie has many funny scenes but is also a tear jerker in many scenes.

Newman decides to skip his life ahead to a promotion and ends up losing a year of his life. Click was well received by many people. Click is not an outright comedy film, but it does help show us to value the time we have with our family.

Peggy Sue Got Married

Peggy Sue Got Married stars Kathleen Turner playing the role of Peggy Sue Bodell. The movie starts with Peggy Sue on the way to her 25th high school class reunion. She has just separated from her husband and is wary of attending the high school class reunion without her husband. She knows she will be questioned as to where her husband is. Peggy Sue had been with her husband since she got pregnant towards the end of her senior year in high school.

At the high school class reunion Peggy Sue Peggy Suefaints. When she awakens she has been transported back in time to her senior year in high school.

This movie is includes many other stars. Besides Kathleen Turner, there is also Nicolas cage, Drew Carey, and Helen Hunt.

Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure

Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure was released in 1989 and starred Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, and George Carlin. Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure revolves around two high school slackers named Bill and Ted.

Bill and Ted travel back in time to complete a history report they have to do. Some of the famous historical characters such as Napolean Bonoparte end up coming back to the current year with Bill and Ted.

Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure was an huge moneymaker in theaters and was enjoyed by people of all ages. It has become a cult classic and the movie still has a huge fan base. Some of the memorable quotes from the movie Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure were:

"EBill and Tedxcellent"

"As you can see, Genghis very much enjoys Twinkies because of the excellent sugar rush"

and my favorite line

Ted: "Excuse me. When did the Mongols rule China?"

Circle K Clerk: "I don't know. I just work here."

Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure is a most excellent movie.

Kate & Leopold

Kate & Leopold is a romantic comedy time travel movie that was released in 2001. Leopold is part of a royal family from 200 years ago and winds up in modern day New York City. In New York City he meets Meg Ryan's character Kate and LeopoldKate.

Kate & Leopold has many funny scenes. If you have not seen this time travel romantic comedy movie then you really need to put it on your NetFlix list. Just imagine a royal aristocrat that winds up in modern New York City. A classic time travel comedy. Kate & Leopold is rated PG 13 so you can enjoy this romantic comedy with the entire family. Even kids think Leopold is funny in some of the stuff he does in New York City.

Encino Man

Encino Man stars Pauly Shore, Sean Astin, and Brendan Fraser. Two young guys who are in high school crave to be popular. One day they discover a frozen block of ice buried in the ground. They thaw out the ice block and there is a cave man inside the brick of ice. When they return home later they discover that the Cave man is alive.

Encino ManThe two unpopular guys clean the caveman up and make him into their vision of a "cool guy". They then take the cave man to their school and register him for classes.

This movie is a time travel comedy but is a little different then normal time travel movies. This comedy time travel movie is very funny. If you like Pauly Shore movies and slang then you will love this movie.(You've probably already seen it). If you dislike Pauly Shore then you will dislike this movie.

Ground Hog Day

No need to describe Ground Hog Day as everybody has seen this movie multiple times. Ground Hog Day was released in 1993 and stars Bill Murray as weatherman Phil Connors.

Phil Connors keeps waking up to Feb 2nd. Everyday is Feb 2nd. He knows what happened the other days but everybody else is living life as if it was a regular Ground Hog Dayday. When Connors realizes everyday is going to be groundhog day he begins to do whatever he wants as he knows their will be no repercussions.

Ground Hog Day is a favorite movie among many people.

Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past is a hilarious time travel movie. In the 1960's a couple believe the country is under attack so they move to their bomb shelter that is buried deep in the ground. While in the bomb shelter they raise a child play by Brendan Frasier.

This romantic comedy takes shape when Brendan Frasiers character comes out of the bomb shelter for the first time ever. He needs to buy supplies. He and his family believe the country was attacked. (It never was). Brendan Frasiers character is going around town in 1997 but he has all the mannerisms as someone from the early 1960's.

Blast From The PastBrendan Frasier plays the character of Adam Webber. Alicia Silverstone plays the character of Eve Rustikoff who Adam Webber falls in love with.

The funniest role in the movie is Calvin Webber who is played by Christopher Walken. Blast From The Past is truly a blast to watch.

Back To The Future

The best all time comedy time travel movie ever. Back To The Future was released in 1985 and stars Michael J. Fox as Marty Mcfly. Marty Mcfly is transported back in time from 1985 to 1955. In 1955 Marty Mcflys parents are in high school. Marty's mother is attracted to Marty.

Marty needs to get his parents to fall back in love again and then find a way back to 1985. If he can not get his parent to fall in love then it will destroy the future as Marty would of never of been born.

The coolest part of this movie is that the time Back To The Futuremachine is A DeLorean.

Back to The Future has 2 sequels which were pretty great movies also but nothing compares to the original.