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Whether you are recently out of a relationship, or getting back into dating after staying away from it for a long time, it will never be easy to put yourself back out there in the field. Dating requires a lot of time and effort, so it is really an investment you have to maintain and watch very closely. Here are some practical dating advice for ladies out there who are on the hunt for their perfect soul mate.

# 1 - Relax

Relax. Don’t stress yourself out too much if you haven’t found the right partner. Avoid regretting things about your past relationships, and worrying about your future love life. If it is not meant to be, then it’s not worth stressing about it. Have a carefree attitude when it comes to dating. Let the guys get stressed out for a change. *wink*

# 2 - Don’t lose your identity

Don’t drop your entire life to be with a guy, even if you think he’s “the one”. It’s never a good thing for you or your new relationship if you haven’t maintained your own identity. Keeping your own identity, passions, and other friendships make a relationship balanced, and make you more desirable to your lover’s eyes.

# 3 - Woman’s Instinct

Intuition is any woman’s best weapon; don’t you ever, ever ignore it. If your gut feeling tells you that there’s something wrong, consider the possibility that it might be right. Keep your eyes and ears open, and listen to what your inner self tells you.

# 4 - Learning to Accept Things

Not everything about our partners is something that can easily be accepted. It may be as simple as snoring, or as complicated as his lack of motivation in life. The truth is, it is difficult to influence their behaviour, or change them to how we want him to be. It is also something that doesn’t happen right away. So you have to learn to accept your partner’s habits or traits even if it annoys you sometimes. Especially if you are planning to stay with them for a long time.

# 5 - Afraid of Being Alone

A lot of women are afraid to be alone, so they tend to jump from one relationship to another. It is never a good idea to do this. Be comfortable with the thought that maybe it is not the right time to be with someone yet, and be happy to be single and on your own. You have to appreciate your “alone” time before embarking into a new relationship.

# 6 - Don’t Be Assumptive All the Time

Even if you are dating with a guy for about 6 months, don’t be assumptive. Dating for around 6 months does not mean that you are exclusive. That’s not necessarily true, especially these days. Clarify your status with your guy, and don’t be scared to let him know what you want out of this relationship.

# 7 - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There’s nothing wrong in trying new things. If your date wants to go biking or hiking with you, embody the “Why not!” attitude, instead of thinking negatively. It means that you are not afraid of doing things you don’t usually do and you should not be afraid to take risks, especially in relationships. Some guys appreciate it more if they see a woman who is not afraid to experience new things that are out of their comfort zone.

# 8 - Don’t Settle for Less

Trust me; you will end up a lot happier being single, rather than being committed to the wrong person. Don’t stress yourself in looking for Mr. Right, especially if you are 35 and above. Great things happen to those who hold out and wait for the right person for you.

# 9 - Learn From Your Mistakes

Look back into your past relationships, and see if there is a pattern. Know the reasons why the last relationship didn’t work. The more we understand the mistakes we have done in the past, the better we can move forward in the future.

Are you ready to put yourself out there in the dating scene again? Just remember these simple dating advice and you’ll be surely having love knocking on your door again soon.

If you have any more dating advice for ladies of your own please comment below. Sharing is caring.


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