The demand for top air purifiers has been steadily increasing when indoor air pollution increases.Air purifiers help in clearing the contaminated air in your office or home from things polluting the air we breath.

A research shows that the air inside the home is far more polluted than the air outside the home.This means that top air purifiers help in converting the polluted air into clean and fresh air which in turn provides protection against many pollutants.

Modern air purifiers are so popular these days by consumers that the normal air cleaner which only cleans the air is no longer good enough.Consumers are looking for top air purifiers that completely cleans the air by absorbing dust, viruses, dust mites, mold, tobacco smoke, chemicals and so on.People who suffer from asthma, allergies or other respiratory disease benefit most from air purifiers.

Air purifiers come in many different types, shapes, sizes and contain electrostatic filters, ozone generators, ion generators, ultraviolet light and HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) and other methods that help get rid off particles in the air that we do not want.

Some models draw in air via a fan, cleans the air and re-releases it in to the room and other models work by spreading the clean air in the entire house.Modern air purifiers are also very silent.

Here are some of the top air purifiers that are now available at the market.

1.Ion generators generate charged ions into the atmosphere that get attached to chemical contents and dirt that is in the atmosphere.The dirt and particles fall to the floors and it is easy to wipe or vacuum them away.

2.Room air purifiers - These have replaced the old tabletop units that were normal in the 1990´s.Room air purifiers are lightweight, flexible to use and portable which means you can install one of these almost anywhere you like in the home.

3.Whole house air purifiers cleans the air in the entire house and should be installed in HVAC systems, air conditioning or central heating.The purifier contains a filter that is located in the return air grille.The fan located inside the purifier takes in the air and moves it through the filter that in turn releases purified air into the atmosphere.

4.High efficiency particulate air purifiers (HEPA) are made of charcoal and the filter located inside it is placed in a way that it drives the polluted air into the filter that attracts dust mites, tobacco smoke, chemicals and other pollutants.The filter is placed upwind of a high velocity fan which allows it to work efficiently.

There are many top air purifiers available in the market for every budget.It is a very good idea to have one in your home if you suffer from allergies and dust in the air is not healthy for anyone.The Internet is a good place to look for more information and see what models are available.