Top Anti aging Ingredients

Top Anti Aging Ingredients

Anti aging products are popular as more and more people look for ways to improve their appearance, minimize lines and wrinkles, reduce sun damage and brown spots and appear as youthful as possible.

Many products deter our efforts at anti aging due to companies adding chemicals that not only don't work but also cause irritations and allergic reactions as well as damage skin further requiring you to purchase more anti aging products. It can be a viscous cycle searching for effective anti aging ingredients if you're not sure what to look for.

There are effective anti aging ingredients that have been clinically proven to show benefits to skin and are the ones you want to look for in your skincare products.

Top Anti-Aging Ingredients

Glycolic Acid


An alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that works to clean deeply into the pores

Lightens age spots and skin discoloration

Refines and smoothes the top layer of skin

Removes the dead skin cells that hold dirt at the surface of the skin

Works gently on skin when no chemicals are added to the product

Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in skin for smooth, soft skin

* Use with sunscreen to reduce sensitivity

Salicylic Acid

Natural ingredient

A beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) that works to remove dirt, pollution, impurities and bacteria that produce pimples, blackheads and discoloration

Refines and smoothes the top layers of skin working as an exfoliator

Vitamin C

Effective anti aging ingredient since it is an essential ingredient that promotes the production and stimulation of collagen – the body's protein that builds, boosts and plumps skin cells

Firms skin by reducing sagging

Improves the elasticity or skin turgor which is the bounce our skin has

Prevents dehydration of the skin and improves suppleness of skin


A synthetic peptide with an ability to penetrate into deep layers of skin to relax the muscles that form wrinkles and tightens skin

Provides dramatic improvement in lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, lines around lips and mouth as well as the forehead

Known as a natural alternative to injectable wrinkle treatments like botox without the pain and side effects or cost

Safe on even the most sensitive skin

* Intended for application on affected lines and wrinkles only, no need to apply all over

Vitamin E

Works as a line of defense for the skin to reduce free radicals that damage skin such as discoloration and sun damage

Prevents dehydration of the skin

Healing to the skin

Improves skin suppleness, softness and firms elasticity


The number one ingredient known to improve skin damaged by the sun or aging

Vitamin A derivative

Effectively boosts collagen protein the body needs to plump skin

Sun and light can damage retinal so look for containers and tubes that you can't see through

Hyaluronic Acid

This natural substance is responsible for holding the connective tissue together in the body and works as a glue of sorts.

Hyaluronic acid decreases as we age and is known as a 'fountain of youth' for the effective ability to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Look for these key effective anti aging ingredients when you are shopping for your skincare products. Research chemicals added to products and avoid them for smooth, soft, minimally lined and wrinkled skin. When added to a water base, natural proteins, fresh ingredients and vitamins, these main ingredients prove to be beneficial and are beneficial anti aging treatments and alternatives to harsh chemicals.