As we push for a greener and more energy efficient society, there are companies that are really focusing on this.  It is very important that we reward these companies that are moving forward to really make a difference in what is being created.  There are a lot of people out there that just don’t understand that the lights that you use and the style and type that they are.  That is why we need to give recognition to companies that are making a huge difference in the lighting industry; there are companies that have really pushed to make some great strides and to improve upon certain items.  One of these companies that needs to be recognized is Sunovia and their LED lighting advances that they have made.

Sunovia is one of the leaders in lighting creation.  Today, they are a forerunner in expanding lighting options to find ones that are more energy efficient and will save businesses and residential homes time and money.  Sunovia is a division of EvoLucia, which is a lighting company that works to offer high efficiency outdoor lights.  These are lights for things like parking garages, highways, landscaping, and that sort of thing. They have really pushed to move forward in this industry and have created a lot of great products that are going to really change the face of electricity and lighting for the larger commercial industry.  This is a company that has been rewarded for a reason and is really working to better the technology that is out there today and decrease the demand that we are putting on our resources and decrease the strain that they may be potentially under.

There are many different ways that Sunovia has been honored for the accomplishments that they have made.  One of the big ways that they were honored is that their new light fixture was actually named the best outdoor street light by the U.S Department of Energy.  They also were given this honor by the International Association of Lighting Designers and won a street light competition that was held by Solid State.  This is a big deal and this company has tried time and time again to get a leg up and create products that are good for the world and are going to help reduce the dependency on energy that most countries have. 

Sunovia has made some great steps to create some great products that are good for the environment.  You will find that there are all kinds of great choices out there that they have created for commercial lighting and they have really been made as a stand out company in this field.  Their dedication to decreasing energy use through their creation of commercial products is great and they are a great company to be in this industry.  They should be honored and their commitment to this is great, and they are making some great products that are really going to stand out and make a big difference in the industry and change the standards out there.