There can be no other things on earth that can match a mother’s love for her baby, and she wants only the best things for her.  That’s how I feel for my baby that’s why when it comes to clothes, I prefer to buy the best baby clothes brands even if they are a bit expensive.  That’s how parents choose their babies’ needs; they make sure that only quality stuff is provided for them, from toys to clothes.  

When I go shopping, I usually choose from the top 10 baby clothes brands that are available in the US, UK and Australia market as listed below.

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Babysoy brand

This brand is well-loved by celebrities, has won several awards, and approved by a lot of parents.  Babysoy aims to bring to the parents a kind of clothing that is green in color which is refreshing to the eyes and one that reminds us of green environment.  Babysoy’s line of clothing is made from organic and sustainable fiber.  

Among the top 10 baby clothes brands, this brand is well-known for bringing the softest layettes of style and comfort to my baby at affordable price, and leaves soft imprint on the planet.

Go Gently Baby brand

This simple and sweet style creates earth-friendly and stylish clothing for our children.  It conveys a common vision to all people as follows:

  • Teach our kids to show their love to others.
  • Take care of the environment.
  • Proceed gently in meeting the challenges of life.

In creating this popular brand of clothing, only sustainable and organic fabrics are used as materials for each season.  Low-impact dyes and water based inks are also considered as materials at times.  All of these garments are made in Los Angeles, USA.

I’m proud to see that Halle Berry’s daughter is wearing one of the best baby clothes brands, the Go Gently brand, just like my own daughter, when they stayed some time at a beach resort in Malibu, California.

Joah Love brand

This brand shares a common principle that fashion should not sacrifice comfort.  It also tries to emphasize that comfort should not sacrifice style.  If you look at this brand closely, you’ll notice that it incorporates timeless designs that are made in the USA, with practical layers and butterfly soft fabrics.  

Kate Quinn Organics brand

One thing great with these designs is that they highlight the natural beauty of my baby with elegant, simple lines as well as fresh, appealing colors of nature.  As the name implies, Kate Quinn organic baby clothes brands are designed by the former stylist in Hollywood, Kate Quinn.  

The materials used from the seed to packaging are certified organic, created not only as fashionable, but as environment- friendly.   

Kicky Pants brand

You won’t believe it, but this brand is addicting to babies.  When I tried it with my baby, he won’t let it go, and he wants to sleep with it.  The reason is because Kicky Pants are luxurious and provide an amazingly soft feeling.  They are made from bamboos which are known to be sustainable, eco-friendly crops that grow wild even without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

Because of this, bamboo fabric becomes anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-fungal.  Since bamboo is known to absorb water several times better than cotton, it provides comfort to the skin of my baby, rather than being sticky during summer season.

Kumquat Baby brand

For me, this brand is one of the best baby clothes brands that I have found in the market that provides very soft and comfortable clothing for my baby.  Being made in Los Angeles, USA, each new season type of this baby’s garment boasts of with the sweetest, original, and latest designs made by a prestigious company.  While remaining fashionable, it also reflects an inspiring babyhood for the family.  

Luna Luna Copenhagen brand

Also made in the USA, this brand emerges as one of the best elements in California modern lifestyle.  It is combined with a European flair for detail and beauty in precious dresses for baby girls intended for special occasions.

Misha Lulu brand

Misha Lulu baby clothes brands are a type of retro-vintage brand that makes use of organic fabrics, fun designs and original graphics to create a whimsical and nostalgic collection that portrays an old setting from an old-fashioned storybook.  

Persnickety Clothing brand

This popular design of fashionable clothing for baby girls exudes some kind of flair and originality.  Some amazing features that I have found with this line of clothing include:

  • It is made with great precision in style and design.
  • It has an excellent emphasis on details.
  • It uses a combination of traditional and modern styles.
  • It makes use of simple and sophisticated designs.

Persnickety baby clothes brands are made up of lovely ruffles, laces and texture.  They come in beautiful colors and their styles include vintage, layered and embellished that look girly, but sophisticated.  Depending on the mood, sometimes I buy funky styles, and I pick something simple for my baby at times with either pink or mustard colors.

I frequently hear people asking the question, “What makes Persnickety Clothing popular among parents?”  Well, I tell you guys, it’s all about the heirloom quality of the product, and its detail.  Being made in the USA, the Persnickety Company is proud to contribute in improving the lives of poor children across the globe.  For every sale of dress, a free item is given to a less-fortunate child.  

Le Petit Bateau brand

You may already be familiar with these baby clothes brands because for more than a century, Le Petit Bateau has engaged in producing top quality line of clothing and underwear aimed for babies and kids of all ages.  I am personally delighted to find out that this brand brings softness and freedom of movement for my baby that exudes a French chic well being.

With these top brands of baby clothes that are available in the market today, you have all the options to buy the best for your baby.  Given the wide range of selections for baby clothes brands, you can save more time and effort if you search them online like I do.