BeachBody is changing the way people lost weight, get in shape and change their bodies.  Below are the top programs that BeachBody has to offer.

P90X & P90X2

Most people discovery BeachBody because they know someone who has had amazing results using P90X. Developed by Tony Horton, he pushes you to become a better person, better athlete, and change your body in ways you never thought you could. Whether it is a New Year's Resolution to lose weight or trying to build muscle to impress that pretty co-worker, P90X will get the job done.

In 2011, BeachBody expanded its P90X Series with another at home fitness workout, P90X2.  Rumor has it that this will not be the last expansion in the most successful home workout program.


10 Minute Trainer

Most people want that slim body but do not want to put the hours of work at the gym needed to get there. Tony Horton developed "Super Stacking" which works your entire body in just 10 minutes. Though the workout is intense, you will be done before you know it! After all, who doesn't have ten minutes?

Each video in the set, is only ten minutes long.  Including cardio, core and strenth workouts.  Each workout will leave you wanting more!


Turbo Jam & Turbo Fire

Working out does not need to feel like work. With Chalene Johnson's Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire programs it does not have to. With great music and a motivating instructor you will be lost in the workout from the very beginning. Whether you are new to working out or looking for something different, there is a workout for you. 

Have kids?  Have them join you too!  Chalene always has a modifier in each video to show easier ways (kid-frienly ways) to do each exercise!



BeachBody's most intense workout ever!!! This workout is not for the weak of heart! Shaun T will push you, will challenge you and will probably break you! This total body workout combines plyometric drills and intervals will keep you going until the last second.

If you survive this you are rewarded with an awesome t-shirt, that you can not buy anywhere else (well, maybe ebay).


Body Gospel

You may have seen this advertised by your local church.  If not, hold onto horses! BeachBody's Body Gospel combines faith, fitness and nutrition. Each workout begins with a prayer and whether it is cardio, strenth or core you will be challenged.

Best of all, this workout is great to do with others!  Grab you friends, make some room and getting ready to get fit!


ChaLean Extreme

Many women are afraid of bulking up due to weight lifting, but Chalene breaks down that myth and challenges men and women alike to grab free weights or bands and start lifting!  ChaLean Extreme is a three phase series that will boost your metabolism and work muscles that you did not think exsisted.

Included in the series are her special workouts that combine interval training, pylometrics and working recovering using light weights that build indurance.


BeachBody has something for everyone!  There are many more programs available through their website or through your local BeachBody Coach!