The Beatles formed in 1960, remaining together for 10 years. During that time they managed to create such a large compilation of music that they became one of the most successful groups in history.

Their incredible charisma has never been matched by any other group and was one of the main reasons why the girls screamed so much. Like most people from my generation, I grew up listening to the Beatles. Choosing the top Beatles love songs is not an easy task with a group that created such an incredible amount of masterfully beautiful music. They were highly influential in the rock genre, (among others) as they progressed and began using various types of instruments other than just the guitar and drums.

They somehow made it cool to use keyboard, trumpets, and violins. Some of the top Beatles love songs are those that they harmonized on. Most of my favorites seemed to have come from the "Help" and "Hard Days Night" soundtracks and are the lesser played songs. I tend to find myself wanting to listen to them more often than those of such star quality as "Hey Jude,"  "She Loves You," or "I Want to Hold Your Hand," (their first number one hit in the United States).

10. This Boy

"This Boy" shows the Beatles versatility in displaying their softer side and their love for the 50s doo wop sound. John Lennon wrote the song, focusing on more melody. "This Boy" was released in the States in 1964 on their first album, "Meet the Beatles." I truly love the melody and harmonizing and can listen to it often without getting bored of it.

9. The Night Before

Paul McCartney wrote this song in 1965 for the film "Help." "The Night Before" was the first song the Beatles made featuring an electric piano. It is a light pop song that is not as well known as some of the others on the "Help" soundtrack. I love the heavy sound of the electric guitar combined with Paul's vocals.

8. Oh Darling!

McCartney wrote "Oh Darling!" in 1969 and was released on the Abbey Road album. It was never released as a single in the United States but it was released in other countries with "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" on the B side. McCartney had said in an interview that he would get to the studio earlier than the other band members for about a week to work on this track, trying to get his voice "rough". This song is one of my favorites because I love the crisp raspy sound of Paul's voice matched with the piano and striking electric guitar.

7. Another Girl

"Another Girl" was written by McCartney in 1965 also for the "Help" soundtrack. This is one of the least played songs by the Beatles and I don't know why. The melody and simple pop sound makes this an easy tune to listen to and very catchy. Their three part harmonies are exquisite and very similar another song of their "You're Going to Lose That Girl."

6. Til There Was You

On the first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles performed "Til There Was You" which was written by Meredith Wilson for the Music Man. The song was sung by others on Broadway and the movie. The Beatles' rendition was released on their first album,  "Meet the Beatles" in 1963.

5. The Long and Winding Road

Written by McCartney, "The Long and Winding Road" was released on the "Let it Be" album and was the last number one hit The Beatles had in 1970. It was a highly instrumental ballad that focused on Paul's vocals.  It was indicated that McCartney started thinking about his solo career at this point and wrote it without considering the other three members. It is one of the most beautiful love songs in all music genres.

4. In My Life

John Lennon wrote "In My Life" based off of his childhood in 1965. It was a track on the "Rubber Soul" album and became one of the most recorded songs by other artists including Bette Midler in 1992, which was one of the best re-recordings of the song. I love the sentimentality and simplicity of the song and its ability to relate to everyone.

3. Here, There and Everywhere

"The Revolver Album" in 1966 consisted of many unusually different types of songs that the Beatles wrote so it was a surprise when the ballad "Here, There and Everywhere" ended up on it. It's considered one of the best love songs ever written by McCartney. It was said that Paul was inspired by the Beach Boys song "God Only Knows" and wanted to create something that was just as beautiful.

2. When I'm Sixty Four

The Sgt Pepper Album included several different tracks such as "She's Leaving Home," an intelligently written song that both Lennon and McCartney wrote together. It is one of my favorite songs they ever wrote, but it isn't exactly a love song. On the same album is "When I'm Sixty Four" which was written by McCartney in 1967 in tribute to his dad turning 64. McCartney admitted he wanted to create an old fashioned tune, a "song for Sinatra." It is such a great classic that I find myself listening to it quite often.

1. Something

The number one Beatles love song has to go to "Something," written by George Harrison in 1969 and featured on the Abbey Road album. Harrison made it known how Lennon and McCartney would not always listen to the songs he wrote. So when "Something" was released as a single, you knew it had to be good.

Harrison's bandmates would be fools to pass this one up and it turned out to be one of the most loved and most successful songs the Beatles ever released. Even Frank Sinatra claimed it was the best love song anyone ever wrote.