In the raging interconnectedness of our modern world, it has become really quite customary for emerging artists to effectively get their name "out there" (and, their music) by recording a combination of both original songs, as well as, those catchy well-known songs that resonate highly with popular culture already. Simply called a "cover song", this trend has gained increasing traction in recent years, as this tactic of powerful content production and distribution has been able to generate huge, devoted, followings of once normal, everyday amateur people. While some amateur artists will immediately begin debuting their talent with their own original songs, it's not uncommon for these artists to begin releasing original songs only after tens of thousands of views of a salivating audience, entranced by their near expert renditions of these "cover songs", publicly demand it.

Almost immediately sparking a tidal-wave of amateur cover songs, the Band Perry's "If I Die Young" became one of the most covered songs in 2011. Of all the cover song video submissions, of this song, Savannah Berry's rendition has captured a profound audience that has remained loyal to her music throughout her many subsequent cover song releases. When you listen to this song, you will hear a very close parrallel between the crisp, passionate, vocals that propelled the Band Perry into a rather swift public starlight.

Going by the YouTube username "zeldaxlove64", this amateur singer's several YouTube videos have amassed tens of millions of views. Admittedly, for as good as she is, I can't see to trace a 'real' name to her, beyond her YouTube username (if anyone knows it, feel free to leave it in the comments here). With a solid pulse on what her audience wants and requests, her YouTube presence has spawned top-notch reditions of such popular modern-day artists as Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Adele, and Bruno Mars. In the following video, "zeldaxlove64" brilliantly exhibits her musical prowess by tackling a steep order: "ET" by Christian artist turned secular pop sensation, Katy Perry.

Just shy of a million YouTube views, at the time of this writing (he'll be sure to surpass this, eventually), Tyler Ward has already begun to amass quite an audience of passionate users who are anxiously awaiting each subsequent cover song redition that he releases. While I chose this Goo Goo Dolls' Song for this InfoBarrel article, a quick glance at the right-hand side similar music video selection will reveal several other videos, by Tyler Ward, that exceed a million views rather quite substantially.