Top Best TV Series that Are Addictive and a Waste of Time


The best TV series that I like is Community! The show has so many intricate layers of comedy that jokes are often missed the first few viewings or even years. For instance, the words Beetlejuice was said once every season. In season three someone said Beetlejuice for the third time, and lo and behold, you see Beetlejuice walking past the camera in the background! You can youtube that for evidence. Community is the Inception of TV comedies right now and gets no advertising whatsoever, It's sad to see that the show is struggling to just stay on TV when there's far too many mind numbingly stupid reality shows on tv. And they have their own aftershows!! The biggest waste of tv are these after shows!! If you've watched the show, what the heck do you need an after show for?! TV has gotten dull and boring. Community has mixed up the mundane and is only being held back by the lack of advertising. I was introduced to the show at the end of season 2 and was instantly hooked. I honestly had no idea what the show was about, let alone a comedy, until someone sat me down and showed me a clip. A CLIP! If a clip can grab me and make me devoted, a full show should catch anyone else." - Fayetteville           

The best TV series that is a waste of my time, but I still love to watch, is "The Real Housewives of New York". Some of these women aren't even housewives anymore. They definitely have lifestyles that are different from those of any housewives I know! There have been three women who weren't married, one who didn't even have kids. These women are constantly at each other's throats, backstabbing each other and then ganging up on each other. It is hard to imagine what it is to live like these women. They vacation in the Hamptons, live in luxurious apartments, attend fashion shows and appear not to be terribly involved in their childrens' lives. It seems like when they do interact with their children it is just for a good camera shot. This show is drivel but I am hooked. - Stevenson  

The best TV series that I watch, but am slightly embarrassed to admit, is The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This show is such a guilty pleasure of mine. It's full of gossiping, fighting, back-stabbing and ridiculous shows of wealth. I love to watch all the scandals unfold and the chaos that ensues. It's mind boggling to me how highly the women on this show all think of themselves and I love how it proves that money can, by no means, buy you poise and grace. The entire Real Housewives franchise is fun to watch, but the New Jersey ladies are so over the top, they are easily my favorite. - Fairfield 

The best TV series that I watch that I know is a huge waste of time is The Office. It used to be the greatest tv show on television when Steve Carrell was at the helm. He provided offbeat humor, funny awkwardness and an irresistible sweetness that made the show memorable and engaging at all times. The supporting cast was fantastic as well, but maybe not as well as the producers of the show thought. When Steve Carrell left The Office to go do bigger things (or maybe retire), he left the leading part up the the supporting cast. None of the cast can hold their own without a strong anchor, and the show feels like it's floating out at sea uncontrollably. It has flat jokes, no sense of tone and a storyline that nobody cares about. Still, I religiously watch it and talk about it with friends because it's popular. - Clermont       

The best TV series I watch regularly would be Futurama.  The humor in it is top notch, despite the recent take of Family Guy low quality writers ever since the revival.  The humor is generally smart, and makes references to science, mathematics, technology, and other things of the like compared to simple jokes that revolve around pop culture and easily forgettable recent events.  The characters are well written, despite some occasional contradictions, and each episode usually contains some sort of character development, that typically does not seem to carry.  The animation style is a familiar one, very much like the Simpsons, and has similar humor.  The animation also hides many small details that you have to look closely to catch, many of which contain obscure or inside jokes.  In addition, some of these tucked away jokes might even make you have to translate alien languages to see.  The detail they put into the show, both in writing, and in animation is spectacular.  The wittiness is also excellent, and does not devolve into something lowbrow or poor as found in another similar show, Family Guy. - Dallas