If you are one of the millions of diabetics in the world then you probably already know that wearing diabetic shoes is an important part of living a healthy and fulfilling life as a diabetic.  Newly diagnosed diabetics however may not yet know all there is to know about the products available to make life easier and healthier so hopefully this will be a good resource.

In general diabetes affects many diabetics in a couple different major ways.  It often times causes peripheral neuropathy in the feet and lower limbs and it typically causes poor circulation in the same areas, this is often known as peripheral artery disease.  Typical shoes are designed for the needs of the average foot and not for the needs of the diabetic; this is why seeking out the best diabetic shoes possible is so important.  

What Diabetic Footwear Does

Diabetic Neuropathy Nerve Damage In FeetBefore we run down the top brands of diabetic shoes it’s important to understand how diabetic foot wear, slippers, and socks promote healthy feet.  In diabetics who are developing peripheral neuropathy in their feet the shoe is very important in minimizing irritation on the feet so hat sores or blisters do not form.  Because neuropathy results in a person’s diminished ability to feel irritation or pain on the surface of the foot many shoes can slowly cause blisters or sores without the person even knowing.

In the case of peripheral artery disease the long term effects of increased blood sugar levels start causing the small arteries in the ends of the legs and feet to shrink or clog.  This decreases blood flow to the region and diminishes the bodies ability to heal wounds that may occur in the area.  When this is combined with neuropathy, a person’s chances of injuring their feet increases and their ability to heal those wounds decreases.  In time you can see how each problem feeds the other.

Living With Diabetic Foot NeuropathyThe best diabetic foot care aims to address both of these problems by simply wearing the right footwear at all times as well as tending to wounds in the best way possible. Diabetics are regularly encouraged by their physicians to check their feet thoroughly multiple times a day for new cuts, blisters, or sores that may be forming.  Usually people can feel these things as they happen so they can stop them from getting worse but many diabetics have to rely on sight alone to catch these problems early.  As such a good pair of diabetic shoes is usually easily removable as well as exceptionally good at protecting the feet in the first place.

The Best Brands Of Diabetic Shoes

There are many different types of diabetic shoes.  There is footwear designed for use around the house – diabetic slipper socks, house shoes, and extra wide diabetic slippers are popular and many of these times can be found by a number of different manufactures.  For outside the home use there are number of brands specializing in diabetic dress shoes and casual shoes as well as others providing a top notch selection of diabetic athletic shoes.  Each type of shoe is important to own on it’s own but when sizing up the manufacture you may want to stick to these three main brands as they are well respected in the industry and have shoes that are good for most activities.

Propet Walking Shoes For DiabeticsPropet Diabetic Shoes – Propet is a shoe manufacturer that does not only make shoes for diabetics but also for a number of medical conditions.  There have a large lineup of therapeutic shoes for various conditions but also a very large collection of shoes which are perfect for diabetics with various needs.  Some diabetics may have feet in very poor condition and they may need custom shoes but for the average diabetic you can easily find wide running shoes, house shoes, and dress shoes for both men and women at very good prices compared to some other brands.

Orthofeet Diabetic Walkign ShoesOrthofeet Diabetic Shoes - If you have less of a need for aesthetics and more of a need for function Orthofeet makes an exceptionally well regarded lineup of diabetic shoes.  They also have some shoes that are designed for other foot problems including arthritis but their diabetic shoes can’t easily be beat.  

Orthofeet designs their shoes so that their insoles can be removed and replaced with custom inserts.  They are shaped to allow for thick custom inserts, which do not exactly look deep to the casual observer.  This is important for some people on an aesthetic level; it’s not exactly a necessity but it is a nice touch.

Drew Men's Diabetic Hiking ShoesDrew Diabetic Shoes – Drew is another shoe company that makes very high quality diabetic foot wear.  They are more geared for dressy occasions or casual affairs than anything else but you can find some good options for diabetic walking shoes and slipeprs in their collection.  The quality of these shoes are quite high and they appeal on a visual level so these shoes can get a bit expensive but they are worth it.

Buying Drew footwear may be a bit expensive but you are getting shoes from a company that caters to the special needs of diabetics and other people in need of wide with shoes as well as those in need of deep depth shoes.  If you need a good pair of dressy shoes for work you might want to place special emphasis on browsing through the Drew diabetic shoes collection.

In addition to these brands there are other brands such as Crocs, PW Minor, and Instride which also make some good options.  For athletics or for basic exercise New Balance makes some good wide shoes which may work for many diabetics.   In general anything that will increase the foot ability to circulate blood but still protect the foot will be better.  Many types of footwear are very protective but if they fit tight then they aren’t doing any good for the foot and when you are exercising your feet really do need room to breath in order to stay healthy.

What is important to remember however is that finding a good pair of shoes for diabetic neuropathy is vital to living a fulfilling life with diabetes.  Yes, managing your blood sugar levels is incredibly important but exercise and physical activity is known to be one of the best ways to maintain better insulin sensitivity and you can’t exercise very easily if your feet are injured.  Buy the right footwear and stay active and remember, you usually get what you pay for.