Danielle Lloyd's Modeling Career

British glamour model Danielle Lloyd is based out of Birmingham, and has been both Miss England (in 2004) and Miss Great Britain (in 2006). She has had a long and successful career as one of the top British glamour models, including modeling appearances in Nuts, Front, Loaded, FHM, and Maxim. Danielle has also been a contestant on UK Celebrity Big Brother, and has been a famous face in England for quite a while.

However, sexy Danielle Lloyd's career has not been totally free of controversy, as when she was stripped of her Miss Great Britain crown for posing nude in Playboy. But more often than not, things have gone well for Miss Lloyd, who is now a mother of two and still active in the modeling scene. Besides raising her own children, she also volunteers actively with children's charities, frequently participating in events that draw awareness to children's disabilities and available support systems.

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Danielle Lloyd's Boob Job

Breast Surgery and Reduction

Unfortunately, Danielle Lloyd suffered a blood clot as a result of surgically enhanced breast implants, which became a potential danger to her life. Glamour Model Lloyd has had a long history with breast surgery, as she received her first breast implants at the age of 21. The surgery to remove her breast implants and save her life left her feeling "weak" by her own admission, and also feeling less than attractive. However, her family was there for her in her time of need, and her footballer fiance Jamie O'Hara insists that she is still as sexy as ever. 

Danielle Lloyd: A Model Mom

Danielle Lloyd has said that "Like any mum, my kids' health and happiness is my number one priority," again proving her devotion to her family. However, she still has a prominent career as a top British glamour model and a reality TV star (she appeared on the UK Big Brother), and her Danielle Lloyd's family knows that she will still be a party of England's glamour model party scene.

In addition to that, hot Danielle Lloyd pics are likely to continue to be created for magazines like Front, Nuts, and Loaded. Danielle Lloyd Twitter happenings are also a popular source of news for the famous British glamour model, where she talks with fans and thanks everyone for their support (as well as letting them know where the next sexy Danielle Lloyd photoshoot will be). She even keeps fans abreast of her hair and dress preparations as she gets ready for a party or photoshoot. Just another example of a sexy British glamour model staying well-connected in the 21st century.