Top Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Is a very common yet inconvenient ailment that mostly affect women. Luckily cellulite are harmless but they still challenge a lot of people cosmetically. They are confidence crushers that can be extremely tough to deal with, especially during beach season. Cellulite are born when underlying fat deposits beneath skin gets pressed toward the surface of your skin, causing an odd and lumpy appearance.

In this article we're going to take a look at some of the top cellulite treatments that work. We know there are creams out there, but there are better options. Before I explain these options I'd like just like to say one thing: One of the top cellulite treatments are diet and exercise. There's just no way around it, if you're serious about treating your cellulites you should go sign up for a gym membership! Although diet and exercise won't work for everyone, you should at least give it a shot, as it can be a cheap and healthy way to treat your cellulite.

Cellulite and fat are like evil twins, they are highly connected and they feed off each other. I'm guessing there's a good chance your cellulite started appearing when you gained weight, this is without a doubt the most common cause. So why not reverse time by exercising and get rid of those cellulite? Exercise will tighten up your body and keep unwanted fat at bay, therefore eliminating your cellulites. Here are some of the top cellulite treatments available today.

Top Cellulite Treatment

That Can be Performed at Home

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Before looking into paid treatments you could try eliminating your cellulite at home. In fact, many of the paid treatments use massaging techniques that could be performed in the comfort of your own home. Massaging can aid in removing cellulite by breaking up fat tissue and freeing stored fat deposits.

Acuostic Wave Therapy for Cellulite

Shock Wave Treatment

Acoustic Wave Therapy was originally a technique developed for eliminating kidney stones. Today, Acoustic Wave Therapy is also used in treating cellulite. It works by placing a device on your affected are that sends out shock waves. When the shock waves come in contact with the cellulite they break up unwanted fat tissue and at the same time increase your blood circulation, therefore causing a stimulating effect which even your skin out. The treatment is totally pain-free and you can expect to undergo treatment approximately six to ten times.

Acoustic Wave Therapy as Shown on The Doctors

LPG Endermologie


Lipomassage is a paid treatment carried out by professionals. It treats cellulite by giving your skin a deep and intensive massage. The massage generally results in two things – It softens up and stimulates your skin, therefore breaking up the fat stores that cause cellulite. It also drains your body of unnecessary fluids. Secondly, the Lipomassage helps in eliminating cellulite by making your skin more elastic, this in turn eases the pressure between the skin and the underlying fat deposits. This ultimately results in smooth and even skin.


Another top cellulite treatment that works very well is carboxytherapy. This treatment is performed by injecting carbon dioxide into the cellulite, under the surface of your skin. The carbon dioxide stimulates the body to recompose the disfigured skin tissue and at the same time break down fat cell deposits. Carboxytherapy is a very simple treatment and it shouldn’t require more than four to six visits at the clinic.


The connection between fat tissue and cellulite are well documented, so this is an obvious one. I bet you already know what Liposuction in, so I won’t go into detail, mainly because it is a treatment I’d recommend people to stay away from. Not because it’s bad, it’s actually a cellulite treatment that works very well, but because it is expensive. Why pay thousands of dollars when you could use one of the treatments mentioned above? Or better yet, get rid of them complete free by exercising, if exercising is enough to treat them that is.