USPS honors Top Choreographers on postage stamps

The US often honors its famous sons and daughters by issuing postage stamps to mark their achievements in life. 2012 will see the turn of 4 famous choreographers to be commemorated on stamps. The featured stamps comprise a set of four forever stamps which can be collected as a set or bought individually. As forever postage stamps, they will retain their value as first class 1 oz letter stamps, regardless of future costs of postage. Collectors of stamps will, no doubt, want to buy the full set of four and many lovers of dance will want them as a keepsake too. These 4 are influential choreographers who changed the world of live dance performance art and brought it to new heights. The four 2012 stamps are shown below as if they were advertisment posters for a stage show and alongside each stamp is a synopsis of their career highlights. They are in no particular order, other than my own preferences.

Bob Fosse postage stamp

Choreographer Bob Fosse USPS stampI have selected Bob Fosse first, for no reason other than my love of the musical ‘Chicago’ which he choreographed. It is fitting that he worked on Chicago as it was where he was born. Fosse received many awards during his career, including an Oscar, which he won for Cabaret. His other work of note in a stage production, in my opinion, was Sweet Charity. Bob Fosse choreographing musicals on screen, as well as on stage, and he had screen success with the 3 musicals mentioned above as well as several others.

Katherine Dunham postage stamp

Choreographer Katherine Dunham USPS stampThis second innovative stamp features another dance genius born in Chicago. She is Katherine Dunham from Illinois and the odd thing is that she only started dancing in her teens. Many famous dancers start dancing when they are very young children. She dedicated her life to developing dance techniques of African-American and African-Caribbean nature combined with elements of ballet. She won many awards for her choreography and is fondly thought of as the ‘mother of modern dance’ and the ‘Dunham Technique’ is still taught to today’s dancers.

José Limón postage stamp

Choreographer Jose Limon postage stampThe third of this stamp set honors José Limón who was born in Mexico but became an American citizen when his family moved to the United States. His dance company, called the ‘José Limón Dance Company’ was the first American modern dance group to tour Europe. José appeared several times on Broadway and he was inducted into the National Museum of Dance’s Hall of Fame. Books have been published describing the ‘José Limón's technique’ which stress the importance of the male dancer in modern dance.

Isadora Duncan postage stamp

The final US Postage stamp features another famous woman; the Californian dancer Isadora Duncan whom many believe to be the creator of modern dance.

Choreographer Isadora Duncan USPS stampShe died tragically in an automobile accident in France. She performed all over Europe and really only found fame at home in New York in the years after she died. She loved classical Greek dance styles and she was a radical of the dance world during her era with her uninhibited style and flamboyant nature.

She achieved worldwide critical acclaim for her work. Perhaps she is the most famous of the four choreographers featured by the USPS as she set up her own dance schools in France, Germany and Russia.

All of the stamps featured are first class forever stamps and are available from the US postal service.

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