It is still long before Christmas Eve, but if you have a techno-geek in your family you know that you would already be too late to get the top Christmas gadget gift. Today we will look at the gifts for fans of the console, the PC and the portable; the gamer, the tinkerer and the all-rounder. This is your guide to Christmas Gifts for 2012 Tech-heads! 

TECHNO does not have to be followed by BABBLE

There will be those of your that will think "This Tech Rubbish Scary" fear not, maybe you should be buying something different this Christmas; how about a more personal festive gift? If you are going to go for it though and buy something techie this Christmas then we have for you a choice of stocking fillers (up to £20), presents (up to £200) and indulgence (limit-less) so there is something for everyone to buy for the computer geek. 

Tech Stocking Fillers

If you have children sending letters to Santa, they might have a tight budget on what they can get their brother, father, mother for Christmas. The USB ports on a computer are great power sockets and for that reason lots of low budget gifts like to make use of them.

Something that I know I do when at the computer is let the coffee go cold. It is a habit that when you get into the mood for working then stopping admits defeat; the toilet, kettle and doorbell can be going and you still don't want to stop. Thankfully for fans of hot (and cold) drinks at the computer there are a range of tools to help you.

Christmas USB Cup WarmerCredit: Amazon UKThe USB Cup Warmer is a quirky little Christmas gift which will cost you less than £10 from most online gadget retailers. Most USB cup warmers come with integrated USB hubs, so it does not mean that your loved-one will have to sacrifice a memory stick to use it. I have been given these in the past and they really do keep your coffee warm; but do not rely on them lasting beyond next Christmas as the price usually reflects the usability.

If your Christmas gift is for someone who prefers cold drinks then for a little more you can buy them a USB fridge. These are available in abundance and range from around £15 to cool a single can of your favourite soft drink; to something more elaborate. Again something Santa has bought me in the past, but they never seemed to cool my drinks enough for my taste - I like them almost crystallising.

Christmas Tech Presents

The mid-range of Christmas tech gifting is all about the electronics. We are not quite at the point where you are buying whole computers or the £1,500 Mac; but we are buying things that are almost a computer. It be the computer case or tablet PC below or it could be the latest in computer games such as World of Warcraft's new expansion pack Mists of Pandaria

A1CS FUSION5 XTRA Tablet PC(105083)If you are in an area of Outstanding Natural Free Wi-Fi then something to consider is a new Tablet computer. I have previously raved about the budget range of tablets from A1CS but at £150 - £180 even they can be a little out of the price range of Santa Claus! There is a huge range of good Android tablets that suit every budget, if you are trying to tear your computer geek away from their computer; sit them on the sofa with a Wi-Fi enabled tablet PC this Christmas!

If you are buying Christmas Tech for your children then kids aged 6 and over will love the Oregon Scientific Meep! Tablet with it's wi-fi, games and commicator and for the parents complete control over what they can do with it!

It is always hard to find a universal computer part that will work with every computer and this makes it hard to buy something for a computer building techie. Something you can buy though is a new computer case. The majority of PC (read Microsoft Windows) cases are all interchangeable as long as they are big enough to handle the motherboard and other components. This should be easy to judge because computer case sizes usually increase in steps and are called (from the smallest to largest): Pico-ITX, Nano-ITX, Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX (also known as Standard-ATX. How you find out though is up to you.... I can not help you out there! I can give you some more insight into computer cases and what to look for though on my InfoBarrel article about being a beginner in the computer case world.

Christmas Indulgence 

If you really have an almost limitless pot of cash for your Christmas Tech Splurge then there are an endless amount of gifts that are considered "high-end".

We mentioned tablet PC's before; Apple are rumoured to be launching a new iPad Mini this autumn which will be a 7-inch or 8-inch version of its popular iPad range. For those of you that want to test the waters it is easy; if the conversation ever arises (or you make it arise) then exclaim that "Steve jobs said Apple would never make a small iPad, because everyone has fat fingers......" the obvious mental implosion would mean that you would be buying the rumoured iPad Mini!

How about a new top-end mobile phone? With the Apple iPhone 5 coming fresh from the far east and selling out almost immediately; there are plenty of mobile phones that you can buy sim-free so your loved-one can use their existing sim-card. If your loved-up techno-geek is desperate to get an iPhone5 then in the next month or so any SOLD OUT signs should have vanished and stock plentiful; but there are alternatives such as the Galaxy S3, HTC 1X or for the business techie a BlackBerry Bold.

Have you given up yet? If you have decided that going techie is not for you then maybe we are back at buying something more personal and sentimental for Santa to deliver in 2012. There are though a multitude of sins you can buy for the greatest techie geek and as we get closer to the 2012 Christmas Techie, your  Christmas gadget gift might appear here and any that sell out will be quickly replaced! 

Why not leave your Christmas 2012 Tech Gift ideas in the comments box!