Once again it's almost Christmas time! Each year, parents all over are trying their hardest to find the hottest toys for their children. It creates a warm feeling seeing your child open up that gift you know they really wanted to get the most. Every season it seems there's some hot new toys on the market too, that everybody wants to be the first in line to buy. In this article we'll discuss a few of the hot Christmas toys for your kids in 2009!

One of the hottest toys may be the Bakugan Warrior series of toys. These are from a Japanese anime series which came to Cartoon Network earlier this year. It originally started in Tokyo and features a gang of children known as the "Bakugan Battle Brawlers". These brawlers have the ability to wield creatures known as Bakugan. It may be the hottest game on the market since Pokemon, and is sure to make your kids happy when they get it as a gift!

How about video games? Year in and year out, video game systems and the games themselves are hot sellers. This year like last, the Nintendo Wii is sure to be a top seller, as well as its wide variety of fun games. There's games which involve fitness, so your children can get off the couch and get some exercise while using the Wii! In addiiton to the Wii, the Nintendo DS Lite, Xbox 360 and the new Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Slim will all be popular items for under the Christmas tree.

Another hot toy this Christmas 2009 may be the Zhu Zhu pets. These are designed for children ages 3-10 years old, and are electronic hamsters with minds of their own. They include an artificial intelligence technology which allows them to react to various conditions and stimuli in their environment. For example, your child can hug or pet the hamster and listen to its chattering or other noises. These plush hamsters will also roam about on their own when in "explore mode". Great for hours of fun, and allows your kid to have a pet with a lot less responsibility!

The CupCake Maker is another hot toy, which may be a great way to introduce your child to cooking. It will also be very educational for them to use. This toy allows your child to bake their own cupcakes, learning how to measure and mix ingredients, and follow instructions. They can be creative as well, by decorating their creations in a unique way to give the final product their personal touch!

There's many other toys and series which will continue to be popular Christmas holiday gift ideas, because these items have been popular in the past years. These will include "High School Musical", Star Wars, Sesame Street and Barbie. There's also an assortment of the latest dolls, action figures and race cars as well. Some of the hottest movie and characters will include GI Joe, Transformers, Ben 10 and Roary the Racing Car. So make sure you check your child's Christmas list twice, find out which toy will be the greatest surprise to give them on Christmas day!