If you are looking for an easier way around you computer without having to constantly use the click of the mouse, try the shortcut keys or commonly called hotkeys.Hotkeys are when two or more keys are pressed in a specific order they cause another action t happen such as printing documents, saving documents or an easy way to copy and paste. These hotkeys are helpful whether you are using a PC or a Mac. So here are the basic shortcuts to introduce you to the world of shortcuts on your computer.

PC Shortcuts


To use these shortcuts on your computer keyboard, press down the CTRL key and hold it down and then press one of the following letters in the list to perform the action. These actions are not case sensitive.

CTRL + ASelect the contents of the document, select all.

CTRL + SSave the document, this action can be used every few paragraphs while typing a document. It saves what has been written as you go along.

CTRL + PPrint command, brings up the print screen when you want to print.

CTRL + OOpen a document

CTRL + N Create a new document.

CTRL + XCut highlighted-text to move it.

CTRL + CCopy text or pictures that you have highlighted.

CTRL + VPaste text or picture that you have just copied.

CTRL + ZUndo your previous action.

CTRL + Home (key) Jump up to the top of the page.


MAC Shortcuts


Press the Apple key, hold it and press one of the following letters in combination to perform the action.

Apple + ASelect all on the page or in the document.

Apple + SSave

Apple + ZUndo your last action

Apple + CCopy highlighted-text or pictures

Apple + VPaste copied text

Apple + PPrint whatever you have up on your screen.

Apple + OOpen a document

Apple + NCreate a new document

Apple + XCut highlighted-text to move it.

Apple + Home (key)Brings you to the top of the page.



Word Processor Shortcuts


When you are typing a document many times some words have to be bold or italicized rather than using your mouse or searching for the button use these common hotkeys.

CTRL + BBold highlighted-text. To stop bold text, press CTRL + B and it goes back to normal.

CTRL + UUnderline highlighted-text. To stop underlining, press the combination again.

CTRL + IItalicize the highlighted-text. To stop italicizing, hit the hotkeys again.




Taking a Screen Shot


A screen shot is a picture of whatever you have up on your screen. Most times you will want to use a screen shot to capture something you are not able to copy and paste.

Press the ALT (key) and hold it down.

Press the Print Screen button on the key board, it maybe labeled PRTSCR or Prt Scr.

You have just taken a digital picture of whatever is open on your computer whether it is a picture or document.

Open a image program such a Microsoft Paint, usually found in accessories on your PC start menu.

Press the hotkeys CTRL + V and now you have the picture or text in that program to crop, color, show off to your friends or send to tech support to get some help.