Top Criminal Justice Schools

Criminal justice careers are becoming very popular today. There are television shows glamorizing these careers making them seem exciting and rewarding. The truth is that a criminal justice career can be very rewarding and satisfying. The knowledge that your helping your community and helping keep the public safe can be a comforting thought. It is also a well paying and respectable career choice.

Criminal justice careers will jump in the next decade an average of around 11 to 17 percent. This total was calculated by The Bureau Of Labor Statistics. The numbers tend to be rising as the popularity grows. There are many types of jobs in this field, a person interested needs to understand all their options to find the right one for them. The salary and wage varies depending on which career path chosen.

The most important choice will be which school to attend, most people want a good education. The school should be one of the best, which will enable the student to propel toward the career of his choice. There are many criminal justice schools out there, however below is a list of the top criminal justice schools in America they are:

  • University of Maryland
  • University of Albany
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Missouri
  • Pennsylvania State University

A listing for top criminal justice schools on-line are :

  • Boston University
  • Everest University
  • American Intercontinental University
  • Westwood college
  • Kaplan University

All of these schools have been given the best rankings. They all offer the best education in criminal justice in America. They all have different degree programs, as each school is different. However these schools are the top and should be considered the most competitive. These high ranking schools have a variety of degree programs including, associates, bachelors and Masters degrees.

Students interested in any of the above universities can search for them on-line to find out tuition prices, available classes and schedules. These schools may be expensive, but most have financial aid programs to those who qualify. They will be able to direct the student toward the different loan programs and scholarships. An education in our world is a must today, especially when jobs are becoming scarce. Anyone interested in criminal justice has chosen a good career path, these types of jobs are always in demand.