One Deal a Day Sites Explained

The Phenomenon of One Deal a Day

Ever heard of one deal a day sites?  Ok, I have to admit. I love the ever-growing plethora of daily deal, one deal a day online sites. In a day when less email sounds refreshingly wonderful to those of us in the corporate world, it is with anticipation that I await my daily email from five daily,m one deal a day sites. Not one to shop early for the holiday season, pride urges me to say here that I am almost completely finished Christmas shopping in August.  Every item on that Santa list sprung forth over the last six months on these sites. Creative, deeply discounted gifts abound in my 'stash' for the season. What are these sites and how do they work?

Explanation of One Deal a Day

Today's economy forces dollar watching for many. Enter the daily, one deal a day  sites. Simplicity is the premise of them all. At no cost, the consumer registers on the daily deal site. In that process, the system stores all shipping and payment information for future use. Then a daily, deeply discounted offering of the day greets the prospective buyer's email inbox. With the push of a button calling out 'buy me' the deal concludes. How much fun is that! The best news is that the items are creative. Some sites have specific offers geared to the city in which the purchaser lives.

The one deal a day  sites are popping up daily because of the sheer genius of this. Think about it. Everyone benefits. The consumer finds deeply discounted deals effortlessly with no hunting online or gasoline dollars spent to head out on a live search. Cooperative buying at its best is at work. The business offering the detail wins as new patrons gain exposure to their offerings. The site wins as a percentage of the proceeds heads for their coffers! The sites vary a bit, but five of my favorites greet me daily, all to my delight!

One Deal a Day Featuring:  GrouponGroupon(59978)

Groupon is the granddaddy of them all  and the company that 'started the gold rush'  according to one release about them. Count me in as being in the Groupon  cult,  checking their emails for the latest and greatest offering daily. One thing to love about Groupon is that the coupon code is kept on the cell phone for the business to scan. There is no need to print and carry the Groupon coupon! The purchaser can earn ten dollars by referring a friend.

One Deal a Day Featuring:  Living Social

By all indicators, Living Social is the major competitor to Groupon. They too have deals in local cities for restaurants, spas, retailers, etc. Living SocialThe call to fame with Living Social is that they claim to have social experts that truly ferret out the best deals in the varied locations. I will say the restaurant offerings tried so far live up to that claim. Specials liven up the deals. A recent one allowed the purchaser to buy a gift for a friend using a VISA card. The purchaser then got that item free for themselves. Now, considering the deep discount offered in the start, that is a great deal.

One Day a Deal Featuring:  Tippr

Tippr stands out as having a clean, minimal design page. The city list isn't aTipprs extensive as Groupon and Living Social, but the discounts are deep. Fifty to ninety percent off appears as the rule there. Contests on Tiprr run on Twitter.


One Day a Deal Featuring:  Woot!

Woot! wins the prize for creativity. Four different deals materialize daily. My name is on the cult membership role here too. Woot!  is an online shopping phenomenon. The site offers one deal a day as with the others. The tongue in cheek hwoot!umor used to present the deals is a fun way to start the day. They put forth four categories daily including special offers for woot! shirts,  woot!wine,  woot! kids' stuff, and the regular woot! offer. Amazon recently purchased woot! which adds to the fun.

 One Deal a Day Featuring:  jasmere

For the fashion conscious, jasmere site wins out. Daily deals connect specialty web retailsjesmere for the offers  discounts of up to 70% are typical.  The interesting part of this site is that as more people  buy,  the price drops. Watching a price plummet is part of the fun on this one.

A comprehensive list of all daily, one deal a day sites would be longer. Certainly other fabulous sites beyond these add to the merry-go-round of shopping fun. All comments welcome on other sites to add to my obsession! Hey, a person could have worse obsession than something that complete Christmas shopping by August by using deep discounts. Watching the one day a day sites is mesmerizing.  Enjoy!