Astronomy (Astrophysics)

If you have a strong mathematical background and are interested in the study of heavenly bodies then an Astronomy degree might be right for you. When searching for schools that offer astronomy degrees look for schools that have lots of support for their astronomy program such as  research programs, merit awards, scholarships, and other financial support as well as well equipped facilities and large faculty and support staff. UT Austin has one of the top 10 astronomy research programs in the United States and they offer a great deal of support to their astrology majors. After you graduate with your bachelors degree and are ready to hit the job market do not be discouraged when you find that there few job postings that are specifically looking for an astronomer. There are lots of job fields that an astronomy graduated can enter in the both the science and mathematics world. Teaching is also a good option because teachers in these two fields are always in high demand.


A biology is a great degree for students who love the field of science but aren’t sure what career path they would like to take upon graduation. Biology majors can choose a variety of specialties within the field of science or branch out to other industries. Once you have a degree in one of the biological sciences you can easily transition into a career in the education, heath care, mathematics, plant, animal, environmental, or even legal field. There are also jobs available in governmental organizations. Someone with a biology degree can choose to freelance consultant work, go the corporate route, or choose some other related career path.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry is one of the more specialized fields in the science arena. There are however, several different types of chemist specializations such as organic chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry. Entry level chemists can expect a beginning salary of around $40,000. With experience chemists can expect to make upwards of $100,000 depending on their specific industry. Although there isn’t a great demand in the chemistry job market there are always openings in science related fields in elementary through high school for science and math majors. People with a Ph.D. in chemistry will likely have better job prospects.

Computer Science

Computer science  and software engineering are two of the highest growing career fields in the science and technology industry. The demand for degree holds in these two fields is high as technology and innovation is one of the leading skills that big companies are looking for. Students can earn a computer science degree the traditional way by attending classes at a college or university or they can enroll in one of the many credible, accredited online universities that offer this degree. Because classes in this field are easily available online this is a great degree choice for adults returning to school who ware looking for adult education classes online or are interested in a career change. There are several specialties that a person can choose to focus including security, social media, networking, programming and medical technology.

Other science degree options include:


Earth and Environmental Sciences

Human Ecology

Marine Science