Tsawwassen, BC is by no means a typical town when it comes to restaurants. Since it consists mostly of housing, parks, and beaches, there aren't all that many places to enjoy a meal in the area, but the restaurants which are there are among the best of the best in the entire Metro Vancouver area. Here are, based upon my own first-hand observations, the best restaurants in all of Tsawwassen:

Wok N' Roll
The name explains this venue perfectly. The atmosphere is light-hearted and fun, which is exactly how Rock N' Roll music should be. Woks are used to cook most of the dishes, so the name is also accurate in that respect. Wok N' Roll has daily lunch specials which offer substantial savings, although the best time to visit the restaurant is just before 12:00 p.m. The restaurant isn't too crowded, and the food is always fresh. Staff members are friendly and professional. One of the best aspects about this venue is that it's always clean, including the washrooms. There are also several selections on the menu that kids will enjoy, so it's quite suitable for family dining as well. One of the unique features this restaurant has that no other venue in Tsawwassen has is an island-like view; since it's located just outside of Tsawwassen proper on the Ferry Causeway, there are water views in three directions.

Bay Area Gourmet
This venue is a tantalizing experience for the eyes, nose and mouth. Whether the occasion is a spontaneous dining excursion or a formal reception, Bay Area Gourmet has ample capacity to accommodate guests. The best thing about this restaurant is that fresh ingredients (especially fruits and vegetables) are used in the dishes to guarantee maximum taste appeal. Happy customers can immediately notice the difference between the venue's quality fresh ingredients and the frozen food used in many average restaurants. Another great feature of this restaurant is its affordable prices. Although lunch and dinner are spectacular extravaganzas at Bay Area Gourmet, be sure to stop in during the morning for some of their baked goods. Their scones, biscuits, muffins and fruit pizza are all worth getting up early for.

Illuminate Restorante
For an ambient atmosphere with a garden twist, this restaurant is the perfect choice. The environment is tranquil yet classy. Illuminate Restorante features a menu of authentic Italian food; although it hasn't been officially verified, the ingredients used at this venue taste like they're imported directly from Italy. Anyone who has had authentic Italian recipes with imported ingredients knows how scrumptious this food can be! Illuminate Restorante is located next to the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall, so it's a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner after shopping.

Brown's Socialhouse
This is one of the best restaurants in the city limits of Tsawwassen. Although it is part of a chain, it has some of the most spectacular cuisine in town. This Brown's location is unique because it is located inside of the prominent Coast Tsawwassen Inn. Since the venue serves both hotel and local guests, it's usually always busy. The best time to visit is between meals. For example, choose a dining time during the middle of the afternoon or later in the evening to save the hassle of waiting for a table. The unique atmosphere combines upscale and casual aesthetics to create a perfect place to relax and enjoy a fine meal. The cuisine mixes influences of authentic Vancouver dishes and West Coast cuisine, from juicy salmon burgers to healthy organic salads. In addition to the many artsy fusion dishes offered, there are also a wide range of drinks. Regardless of what day it is, there is always at least one drink special featured at Brown's Socialhouse, and there are usually food specials offered daily or weekly. Since specials vary, it's always best to check the venue's Web site for current details before going.

While there are many other restaurants in Tsawwassen, whatever your dietary tastes may be, you are sure to find something you like at any of those mentioned here. From a night on the town with a hot date to a hearty dinner with your entire family, Tsawwassen's culinary scene has got you covered!

Tsawwassen Boasts Some of the Finest Cuisine in Metro Vancouver(59503)
Credit: Illuminate Restorante