If you have not tuned into the Disney Junior Channel with your little one, you have been missing out on a lot of great television. There is so much more to this line childrens programming then just the old Mickey Mouse cartoons that many parents know.


The first thing that you are going to need to know is that Disney Junior shows air on two different channels. The first place that you can find them is on the Disney Channel during morning hours. The second place is on the Disney Junior Channel where they play 24/ 7.


These Disney Junior shows have such a large following that there have been many merchandise lines that have become very popular. One such line of top selling toys is the Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys on Amazon.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


While you might think that those older Mickey Mouse cartoons will not catch the attention of the younger generation, this update will surely do the trick. You can watch Mickey and all of his friends work together to solve problems that arise around their clubhouse.


This show talks directly to the viewer and gets them to help with the simple math and matching tasks that need to take place in order to solve the problem.


This show is great and brings back many of the all time favorite Disney Characters. You will see Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Chip and Dale, and even Pete just to name a few.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates


Disney Junior has its own band of lovable pirates for the young and young at heart to watch. Jake and the Neverland Pirates follows a group of kid pirates as they go on adventures and defeat Captain Hook.


There are gold coins to be earned through out the way to the treasure of the day. The terrible Captain Hook, Smee, and even Tick Tock Croc make regular appearances on this show. You will also get to see Peter Pan from time to time come back and help Jake and his band of pirates.


Doc McStuffins


Doc McStuffins can be looked at as a Dr Doolittle but with toys. This young girl has a special ability to talk to toys and to help them to get better. The Doc and her toy friends run a clinic where ailing toys come to be fixed.


She uses basic problem solving skills to diagnose what is wrong with the patient. She then prescribes treatment and cures what is wrong with them.




This band of sea going adventurers explore the depths and help out sea animals and get to explore places that most of us only dream of at the bottom of the ocean. The team has their own fleet of water crafts that help them to do their job.


Working as a team and helping the environment are key messages in this Disney Junior show.


Handy Manny


Handy Manny goes around his town of Sheet Rock Hills helping his neighbors by being your go to fix it guy. The thing that makes this more unique is that he does so with his talking tools helping out all of the way.


Through the shows, you see Manny help different neighbors and learn how to solve and go step by step through a process to finish a project.


Special Agent Oso


Did ever wish that you could have a special agent appear at your side to help you to solve your problem? This is what happens in this Disney Junior show. Special Agent Oso is assigned to help a child in need to achieve a task.


This can be something as simple as mailing a letter or even learning how to swing on a swing. Oso and the child use 3 special steps to learn and achieve their goal. At the end, they receive a badge showing what today’s achievement was.


Jungle Junction


This show is set deep in a jungle where the animals do not have feet like you would think. The characters of Jungle Junction all get around on wheels. They zip around the jungle on ramps.


There is a lot to be learned in Jungle Junction. One thing that you will see a lot is signs. These are shown as a way to learn which way to go or to avoid danger. Important lessons for all to learn.


Little Einsteins


This show introduces your young child to many different worlds. Each episode has a musical piece as well as art work that is the base for the story line. The characters have to work together to solve challenges that are put before them.


With Rocket their spaceship they can do just about anything. Children will learn more about music with the different tempos that are needed just to get Rocket moving.  From classic art pieces, nature, science, and even music, the seeds of curiosity in all that is out there in the world to explore will be planted with this show.




This Disney Junior show follows the daily training of three young trains. They have daily tasks and lessons that must be learned before they can take their place of the rails every day taking care of riders.


There are many lessons to be learned through each experience. Some of these include bravery, friendship, and team work. This show is sure to build a love of trains and the rail way system with watching it.


Disney Junior shows are ones that you can feel great having your children watch. There will be no violence or questionable language that you will have to worry about. There are just great characters and interesting story lines to be followed. The even better part is that your children will be learning and growing as they watch each episode without even realizing it.


If you do not have Disney Junior Channel at your house, you can always order the DVDs that have been made for each of these shows. They are a great value and can bring the fun and educational value of these great shows to your house.