GironaStepsOver a number of years the Girona flower festival has grown to have a reputation of being a great visit to see the spectacular exhibits. Girona in in the north of Spain in the Catalonia region, where the official language is Catalan. In the last couple of years the exhibits have got a bit smaller, but it is still well worth a visit. The show takes place the second week in May and is usually blessed with good weather. Warm and sunny and yet not too hot, that it’s oppressive to walk around visiting all the places where there are flowers to see. There is quite a bit of climbing steps up the hills of the town. The old part of the city really is charming.

  1. The flower exhibits are not just traditional displays of flowers. You will also see artistic representations that are based on a floral theme that are really inventive.
  2. The museums take part in the festival and you get to enter just about all of them free of charge. Including the Jewish Museum and the city main museum.
  3. Private residences open up the entrances to their houses, which in the old part of the town often have archways, interesting stairs and doorways, you would not normally not get to see. *There is a friendly atmosphere and everyone is strolling, chilling and taking lots of photos of the exhibits.It feels good to be enjoying it.
  4. You will see exhibits of floral things that you would not normally see, such as the collection Bonsai trees, and flowers made from plastic bottles or cups or other weird items.
  5. You will learn something about the Roman and Medieval architectures of Girona. The cathedral and the old walls of the city, take you back in time. Or at least until a car goes by.
  6. The famous river houses view in the centre of Girona look even more stunning than usual.
  7. Good eating - All the restaurants of the city are geared up to look after the visitors and there is something to fit the price range of all visitors. Many of the places to eat have a ‘menu’ which means that there is a set menu at a set price for lunch. You can get fed well for around €10 - €15 per person.
  8. There are really small and intimate pastry shops with local treats like Bunyols, aniseed flavoured and a bit like small doughnuts. My favourites are the ‘shoo shoo’ which are cream filled doughnuts. It is only possible to eat one and impossible to finish eating without licking the sugar off your lips.
Girona River houses

While running around the city you will hear various languages, Dutch, French, English as well the local languages of Catalan and Spanish. There will people that have taken cheap air flights from the UK, and French that will have joined a bus trip for the day.

It will take between two and four hours to see most or all of the flower exhibits depending on how fast you walk and the density for the crowds. Places like the Arab Baths will always have a queue to get in and the Jewish Museum can take time to get through also. Best exhibit I saw 2011 was with filament lights arranges to look vaguely floral with mirrors to make it a visual treat.