If you don't want cookie cutter photos to on the walls, here are some more creative family photo portrait ideas with a private family portrait photographer. Don't let the idea of hiring a private photographer stop you. You may be surprised to find that a private photographer's cost is relatively the same as a mall photo studio, but you'll get a lot more for your money.

Choose a private family photo session location that represents youPhotography of Family(70290)Credit: A Moment of Joy Photographyr family and would be a normal weekend activity. Also, these photo portrait ideas are not designed to create picture perfect forced poses. They are designed to capture your real family. With any of these photo sessions, you may find that your favorite photo to hang over the mantle doesn't have everyone looking at the camera with a smile. Instead your favorite photo may have the kids' face full of wonder at a new discovery, the rambunctious dog out of focus, parents watching the scene, and no one is looking at the camera, or even knows it's there. That’s the photo that captures a real family and deserves a place over the mantle.

A Day in the Life

Hire your photographer to spend the day following your young child around from sunrise to sunset. This is best for the child under the age of four so you can make a photobook or scrapbook of a day in her life when her memories will have faded. Don't buy any fancy outfits or plan unusual outings. Just pick a day that represents a typical day in your toddler's life for your photographer to document. Start early to catch your child sleeping and end the session late to catch stories before bedtime. And let your photographer catch every tantrum and messy face. These are brief moments in time for you to capture and treasure as well.

Go to the Park

Put some nice play clothes on and head to the park. Get the whole family playing on the jungle gym and going down the slides for some fun family portrait pics. Look for trees to climb and large grassy areas to ruFamily Portrait PicsCredit: A Moment of Joy Photographyn through while your photographer snaps away.

Explore a Creek

Find a nearby creek with shallow slow moving waters. Bring your creek walking shows and small buckets to catch fish and frogs. Just make sure to prep your photographer that she might also want to bring some creek shoes and clothes. She'll need to wade in to get some of the best shots.

Go for a Hike

Pick a trail that won't take more than an hour to hike and bring your photographer along. You may want to hike the trail prior to your photography session and scout out good spots to stop for group photos. Also, choose a trail less traveled: a busy trail will make it difficult to get the quiet family photos you're looking for.Photo portrait ideasCredit: A Moment of Joy Photography

Community Garden

Urban areas may not have a natural area close by for family portrait pics. If you live in an urban area, but still want natural outdoor family photos, try a local community garden. These are plots of land with multiple gardens owned and maintained by members of the community. You can usually visit these gardens and walk through them for free as long as you don't harm the plants or pick fruits or flowers. Benches in the garden with a flower garden backdrop can make a nice backdrop for your family photos. Bring some bug hunting gear for the kids for some active nature hunting photos.


You can just go right outside in your backyard for some family photos. If you have dogs and other pets, a home photography shoot will let you include the pets where they are most comfortable, at home. If your backyard isn't at its best, you may need to plan ahead for this one. Choose a spot in your backyard to plant some flowers and bushes that will make a pretty backdrop in a few months. If you don’t have a green thumb, take a look at your fences and outside walls. Old fences and brick walls make excellent photo backdrops.

Play Dress Up

For the kids, break out the top hats and tutus or cowboy hats and boots or capes and lightsabers. Gather what ever costume accessories your kids use to take on a favorite character and set these up as props. Then put up a full length mirror and set them to play and act out that favorite character in front of the camera.

Holiday Photos

For holiday photos you can be just as active and creative for your family photo sessions. Your holiday family photo doesn't need to look like a cut and paste of all the families standing in front of the tree or fireplace that adorn your walls or tables once a year. Some other family photo portrait ideas include taking your family and photographer to the pumpkin patch, Christmas tree farm, or outdoor egg hunt. Another idea is to have the photographer take pictures while you decorate the Christmas tree.