5 Cheap Family Weekend Getaway Ideas

Great Affordable Fun

Many people keep on delaying vacations thinking that it is going to stress their finances. You should have a budget set but you do not need to take fancy, long term vacation to have fun. A cheap weekend getaway for the whole family can be the answer to your financial dilemma. These getaway ideas are affordable and yet fund and refreshing for any family. Below is a list of some of the cheap family getaways ideas.

 Bed and Breakfast Inns- #1 Inexpensive Family Weekend Getaway

 Bed and breakfast inns are usually more affordable than a family hotel or resort. They are mostly found in quiet and small towns. It is a perfect way to have some peaceful and quiet time with your family while visiting unique locations. These inns range in size from big Victorian houses to small beautiful houses. The rates are usually high during the peak season, and during a time the town is hosting a festival. I recommend you make this family weekend getaway cheap by visiting during the off peak season. Not only will you fight less crowds but you will have more money to spend on entertainment.

 All Inclusive Seminars and Conventions- #2 Cheap Family Weekend Getaway Idea

 All Inclusive seminars are arranged on particular topics. The topics are usually educative and informative. Therefore, you can teach the children something new while having fun as a family. The organizers rent hotel rooms in a large number so they get good discounts. The advantage is then passed onto the participants. Sometimes, tours of the town and the city are also included. Free food is served during the seminars or conventions. Search for such upcoming events on the internet in the areas of your liking. Bear in mind that the subject should be of interest to your children.

All Inclusive Family Vacation Ideas

 Camping-  #3 Cheap Weekend Getaway for Families with Kids

 Camping is probably the cheapest family weekend getaway idea. Camping does not put much stress on your pocket and it is an adventurous activity. Therefore, it is thoroughly enjoyed by children. You will have to pay the price for using a spot on the camp ground. However, this is all you will have to pay. You can enjoy activities such as fishing, hiking and star gazing. The one area that can cost you in camping is the equipment. To make camping a cheaper weekend getaway for your family, try to borrow some camping equipment from neighbors or friends.

 Visit A Friend- #4 Cheap Weekend Family Getaway

 Another weekend getaway idea involves packing your bags and heading to the house of a friend or a relative. This would be a perfect getaway to catch up with friends or family members that you have not seen in awhile. Make sure to arrange this with the friend or family member and either bring them a small gift or take them out to a nice dinner for allowing you to stay at their house. If this weekend getaway for your family involves traveling to an area you have not seen before, ask your host to give you a tour of the town or city.

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 Road Trip #5 Weekend Family Getaway Idea that is Affordable

 Bring family travel activities and pack along home cooked food. A road trip can be a fun and cheap family weekend getaway. You can plan it all beforehand or you could just go with the flow. You can turn to towns that you have not explored before. You will definitely see many interesting sights along your way. Play games, make a stop or two to visit some sites and make this a fun weekend getaway for the whole family.

 There are so many great choices for a cheap family weekend getaway. Maybe one of these ideas is perfect for your family. If you have another suggestion that would be a great weekend getaway, add it to the comments so this resource can be better for those that find it.