USA is considered as one of the most advanced and well developed country of the world. People believe that investment in any business can prove very good in terms of profits. But if you specifically consider Real Estate business, you will find that investing money in this business field will not let you earn good profits. People who have a keen interest to invest in this business can find some better options as compare to America. There are many countries in Asia that will provide you good profits. If you think you have good business tactics for real estate sector then don’t limit yourself to only invest in highly developed countries of the world. Expand your investment opportunities to make good profits in real estate business.

Top Five Countries to Invest in Real Estate Business

Following five countries are considered best for making investment in real estate business. Investing in real estate market of these countries will allow you earn good profits. These countries are located in different continents all over the world including Asia, Europe and Australia.

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Northern Cyprus
  • Munich, Germany

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the capital city of Australia. Australia shows continuous high growth rate in macro- economics. This high growth will assure real estate investors to earn good profits in rental properties for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. The property price is very high in Australia. That’s why it’s better to invest in rental properties. Sydney has been noticed as one of the top cities of Australia that have great potential to make good profits in short term rental property business.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is considered as a financial capital of the continent of Asia. Residential properties are very expensive and their prices are finalized on per-square-foot. This pricing criteria make Hon Kong residential properties much expensive than New York City’s property prices. If you want to earn good profits from real estate market of this city, you will find good profit returns in office space properties. This small Island is fully developed, due to lack of space, property need is always high. You can earn good cash if you own an office space in buildings like Traditional Center and Cheung Sha Wan. According to an estimate you can make good profits around 52%.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the fastest growing Emirate in United Arab Emirates. It grouped among highly progressing cosmopolitan areas in world. This city is virtually crime free and the living standard is also very high. As it offers tax free business, it is a heaven for investors. Number of world’s leading companies has inaugurated their luxury outlets here across the whole world. Business persons and investors are looking to find more options to invest here. More and more people from the whole world are willing to live and work in Dubai. This city is highly well developed and has great attractions for high profile people and companies to live and setup their business. Making investment in Dubai property business is very good choice for those who are interested to make investment in real estate Dubai. You can earn good profits whether you invest in residential or commercial properties. This city also possess great attractions for tourist and holiday makers this will let you make good money by making investment in short term rental properties.

Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is located in the southern Europe. It also offers good business opportunities for investors in real estate sectors. This country has one of the best markets for making investment in residential and housing properties. The main reason for earning good profits in residential property business is that the economy of Northern Cyprus experiences a boom in year 2003 after depression of several years. Economy was not so developed due to the internal wars of Greece and Turkey. Northern Cyprus has now developed good places and beautiful scenery that attracts visitors and tourists. Good growth of travel and tourism industry leads to increase the need of accommodation places in Northern Cyprus.

Munich, Germany

Germany is also an important country of Europe. Investors who are willing to invest in real estate market of Munich, Germany should invest in office properties. The leasing and renting rates are very high for office properties in Germany. International investors are showing interest in setting up their businesses in Germany. This will increase the rent of office rental properties in Germany.


These top five countries are just an example of few countries that possess great earning potential in the field of real estate. There are several other areas in different countries across the whole world you can choose to invest your money in this specific business. Among these cities, real estate Dubai is showing exceptional growth.