Getting the right job for 2012 is extremely important for a lot of people. With our current economy stretched beyond capacity for some job seekers getting any job is the goal. However, not all jobs are created equal and there are some jobs that are definitely better than others. These are the top five jobs for 2012.

A survey  conducted across 200 various positions or professions throughout a range of industries, different skill levels and of course salary ranges to define the best jobs for 2012. Identifying the best and worst jobs for the next coming year was according to five different categories or criteria; physical demands, outlook, stress, income and work environment.

Surprisingly math and science are still the backgrounds needed for some of the highest paying jobs in the country. Students that seek out these two fields of study are generally rewarded with some of the better jobs across the country. There are typically a multitude of different employment prospects upon completing a university degree if you are a student of math or science and the calendar year 2012 is not an exception to this fact.

Software engineer

The computer generation is still up and going and a software engineer is one of the best jobs for the 2012 outlook. Software engineers are designing and producing software for everything from computer operating systems to cell phone applications. Interactive games have definitely been something of interest for a lot of these graduates and software engineers are ranking as one of the best jobs for 2012 according to next year’s Jobs Rated report.

What pushed the software engineer to the top of the list were a couple of different things. Cloud computing and web applications. There are many different companies which are making computer applications for tablets and smartphones to conduct a large part of their business structure. When this is combined with a push for development of cloud software which are hosted entirely online, the software engineer can see a job market that is both diverse and broad in the outlook. Factors of stress and competitiveness and potential for growth make these workers less likely to see outsourcing than other workers in the rankings.

The average income is $88,000, a few physical demands and an extremely nonexistent outsourcing outlook which accounts for a low-level of stress.


This is a surprising number two spot. Many consider a mathematician and see only the resource of teaching. This is not the case. Mathematicians are needed in an enormous market for business, education as well as industry. The average income for a mathematician is $95,000 with an extremely low-level of stress, confident outlook and almost no physical demands which makes it one of the top five jobs for 2012.


Actuaries are defined as interpreting statistical data and information to find the probabilities of accidents, sickness, death and loss of property from natural disasters and theft. The average income is $88,000 with an extremely high hiring outlook. Insurance companies across the board are the most employable place for actuaries. This includes workers compensation, auto insurance, health insurance and many others. The business structure or industry also has an enormous investment in actuary services in recent years. The stress level is higher than the first two positions, but the physical demands are very low and the work environment is great as one of the top five jobs for 2012.


Statisticians are responsible for producing tabulations, analyzing and making interpretations of the numerical results of experiments and surveys. The stress and physical demands make this employment position very attractive. The average salary of $73,000 doesn’t hurt the statisticians cause either. Statisticians have a very encouraging outlook for the up and coming calendar year.

Computer systems analysts

The planning and development of computer systems for businesses and scientific institutions is defined as the job of computer systems analysts. This employment prospect has been on the top list for hiring jobs for several years of this decade and still holds a top spot. Computer systems analysts rounds out the top five jobs for 2012.

Computer systems analysts can expect to earn an average of $78,000. Stress is a little high because of the possibility of outsourcing, but with low physical demands and positive work environment being in the top five jobs for 2012 computer systems analysts have an extraordinary outlook for next year.