Productivity killers are things that we find in our life that hamper us from producing. More specifically there are things in our work that make us less productive. These are things that we need to find and treat. Treating productivity killers will get them out-of-the-way and help to get things done. Imagine how much more could get completed each day by simply increasing productivity at home and work. These are the top five productivity killers that need to be addressed to make productivity soar.

1)      Get rid of people who distract from productivity

One of the largest sappers of productivity and hurts productivity the most is focusing on things that are extremely small or overlooked because we sometimes don’t realize they are in the way-people. This is very significant for anyone working from home.

  • Pets and kids-these are two things that can really work on your productivity for anyone working from home. Make certain that you have a separate place for working and pets and kids understand this is off-limits during work hours.  Remember there are work hours. Full attention is given to your family when you are not working. Though, work hours devoted to working to increase your income
  • Working in the office is distracting with people if time is spent gossiping or finding out about what everyone did over the weekend. What happens in the office must be work related. Taking a couple of minutes to converse with fellow employees is okay. However, several hours each week can add up to tons of productivity hours in a month or year.


2)      Noise is a distraction from productivity

Depending on the person and the work produced, noise is a distraction from productivity. The television going or the windows open while the children play outdoors can pull concentration away from the finer points. Noise is a big distraction depending on the noise and the project. Eliminate noise when possible to concentrate better and get more done.

3)      Eating and working good is good productivity

Eating is a disturbance when it comes to being productive. Even not eating can distract you from what needs to be done. Hungry now means stopping what you are doing to eat. Low blood sugar can make thoughts muddled and touchiness set in. you may rush or hurry when having a full stomach would make you work better.

Try to eat good foods at a designated time. Healthy snacks and good food gives your body natural energy and not a sugar rush that can drain your mind and body when you need it most.

4)      Having a good workspace is good productivity

A good workspace is good productivity. The right computer, printer and other sources you need that makes the magic happen is key in being the most productive.

Workspace is defined as your surroundings while you create work. Whether the surroundings are good or not can affect output or efficiency. Make your workspace relaxing and comfortable and watch your work production increase.

5)      Time management has a hand in productivity

Did you know that when you do what type of work at what time of day effects productivity?  This is just as valuable as not doing work? Creative work needs to be done at the start of your work day. Checking the email and other junk work that takes up time, but doesn’t actually produce anything is best at the end of the day. If you are adding an extra hour to your work day use it for work that doesn’t produce like email checking.

These are the top five productivity snatchers and ways you can combat them. Getting on top of productivity killers and making them useless is how to become more productive. Productivity killers shouldn’t be allowed to dictate the day and how work does or does not get done. Follow your instincts and these tips to end productivity killers and get work done in less time. In other words, become more productive.