You got past the interview and are anxiously waiting for the call from HR that you got the position you applied for. You have a great feeling on how things went. Of course your résumé was spot on, you got an interview that went well and are simply waiting for the positive call on the job.

You feel more than qualified for the position, but a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach says something might be wrong with this picture. There it goes again, no job. There are a number of reasons why you aren’t getting the jobs you are applying for. These are the top five reasons why you may not get the job you applied for;

1)    Being overqualified

Over qualification is a disruption to the entire job seeking process. Being over qualified hurts your chances for getting a job as much as a candidate that is under qualified. The current economy has taken out the question whether or not you want the job, you need the job. Unfortunately, being over qualified for the position will hurt your chances. Work experience, educational experience and other criteria that put you in favor for the job may hurt also hurt you with the company. Over qualification is a reason a lot of job seekers did not get the job.

2)    Sometimes it is who you know

It is not always what you know. Sometimes it is who you know. Having the inside track for a position can help in a lot of circumstances. You are one of the first to know when a position will be open for application. It can also help when you need it most for getting a job.

Having an inside track with a network insider of a company may make the difference when two candidates for a position are head to head. Job seeker number 1 knows the supervisor for the open position and job seeker number 2 doesn’t. Both have the same experience and qualifications. Job seeker number 1 may get the scales tipped in their favor by having networking contacts with the supervisor. This is a situation that is seen more often than you can imagine in our current job atmosphere. Your professional network or lack of a professional network could be the reason you did not get the job.

Even if you don’t have the inside track for a position you are seeking, try to give a positive outlook. If do have anything that you have not already presented for the HR staff that conducts the interviews, make certain you give it to them at the interview. This may tip the scales more in your favor when you don’t have the inside networking that another job seeker has.

3)    Being considered unprofessional

Many job seekers will depend totally on what is on their paper resume for getting the job. They may feel qualified, have the right credentials and education and don’t need to go that extra mile for professionalism at the interview to get the job.

These are job seekers that will wear jeans, show up late for the interview or even go as far as answering a cell phone during an interview. There are job seekers that are friends with the interviewer and take the process as a friendly chat instead of a professional interview. Simply because you are friends doesn’t mean this is not business.

Business and pleasure are separate and certainly not equal. Make certain you are always professional no matter what before, during and after your job seeking process. This is with application, interview and accepting a position offered to you. Being considered unprofessional could be a reason why you did not get the job.

4)    Unpredictable reasons

Maybe the moon was full or it rained that morning. There are actually unpredictable reasons why you did not get the job. Complicated factors will sometimes come together to make things happen that are unpredictable. There are situations where a position was open, interviews were given and four days after making a hiring decision the position was eliminated through a matter of cost cuts.

Unpredictable reasons that you did not get a job can be easier to swallow than blaming yourself for not obtaining a job.

5)    You bring your own terms to the table

you interview for a position and the interview went well for both of you until you got to questions that concerned the work hours and amount of overtime needed. If you balked or let the interviewer know that these were not acceptable in so many terms, you could have cost yourself the job. There are other terms some job seekers bring to the table that are not acceptable. You may not want to work in this space because of your allergies to dust. You are used to working on this floor and find it better being closer to the break room; The list can go on and on. These are terms you should not bring to the table and will cost you the job if it comes down to the wire. Choosing between an applicant without terms and one with their own terms it will go hands down to the applicant without terms every time.

These are the top reasons why you did not get the job you applied for. Be careful in our current job atmosphere when you are seeking an open position. Make certain you don’t do anything to cost yourself a job. There are times when you have no control of whether you get the job. However, do everything you can to make your job hunt successful.