It's a common misconception that conventional geometric shapes are boring. Take a look at these round mirrors, they are far from being boring and have so much potential and so much to offer in terms of interior design. If you were asked to come up with as many designs as you could and the design brief was round mirrors then how many designs could you come up with? Granted some of the mirrors listed here are more functional than others but I'll describe the pro's and con's of them individually.

1. Simple Yet Effective Round Mirror

I have decided to give the number one slot in this article to the plain yet simple and effective round mirror. Basically this mirror is simple in design and fully serves it's purpose as a mirror. Sometimes designs can be over complicated and it's more than likely that when I asked the question; how many designs can you come up with? Most if not all of you will have not considered just a simple round mirror.

Plain Round Mirror

2. Mirror With Smaller Round Mirrors

At number two in the list is this very clever design. Actually it's the same as the plain round mirror mentioned above yet with a twist. During manufacture, they don't throw away the small cut outs. Instead they are supplied with the mirror.

Try this, use your finger to cover up the three little cut out round circles and you'll see that the mirror isn't half as appealing as it is with them. The great thing about this design is that even with the cut out circles, the mirror is still fully functional as the creative part of the design is right near the edge. 

Round Mirror

3. Yin and Yang Mirror

Round Mirror(84863)

Round mirrors when designed with some thought can make for very interesting and eye catching products. This mirror has been made to look like the Chinese Yin and Yang symbol. It creates a feeling of peace and relaxation. You may be wondering how the seam effect is created? Well it's basically two separate mirrors that you place next to each other to create the round shape, the seam effect is actually the gap between the two. Obviously the functionality of this mirror is reduced ever so slightly but it's still possible to use it as an actual mirror.

4. Bubbles Effect Mirror

This round mirror would look fantastic in a bathroom. The smaller mirrors around the larger mirror are there to look like bubbles. This mirror is perfectly functional and quite conventional by design.

Bubbles Round Mirror

5. Jigsaw Shaped Mirror

Last but by no means least in my top five list of round mirrors is this jigsaw effect shaped mirror. In actual fact this mirror is supplied as separate pieces so it is a little tricky to put together but as you can see from the photograph below it's well worth the time and effort. Using this mirror to do your make up or check your hair before leaving the house might not be such a great idea as the functionality of it is somewhat reduced by design, however don't let this put you off as mirrors can make great pieces of art too.


Puzzle Round Mirrors