Some of the Best and Funniest Sheldon Cooper Moments in The Big Bang Theory

The Character of Sheldon Cooper off The Big Bang Theory

Television show The Big Bang Theory has become a phenomenal success across the globe, mainly due to the diverse, unique and quirky characters. One such character is Sheldon Cooper. Played by actor Jim Parsons, who has won two Emmys and a Golden Globe for the role, Sheldon Cooper is a genius who works as a theoretical physicist, however, he lacks basic social skills such as irony, humour, sarcasm, empathy and humility, and sees himself as being superior to everyone else. He inhibits OCD tendencies and abhors any sort of human contact. All these characteristics, along with being socially inept, create many hilarious moments among him and his friends.

Shelon's Ranting

Sheldon is known for his long-winded, highly logical and pretentious rants, much to the annoyance of his friends. However, he fails to miss certain social interactions and appropriate responses, such as rhetorical questions and humour. Here, Sheldon gets a little carried away.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

Being the sci-fi nerd that he is, only Sheldon would invent away to settle disagreements using a reference from Star Trek. In this scene, Sheldon teaches Raj his new take on the classic game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', incorporating two other game moves: 'Lizard' and 'Spock'. Actor Jim Parsons does an excellent job at reeling off the game moves so quickly and clearly. Give it a try next time you are trying to settle something with a friend.

Sheldon Celebrates Christmas with Penny

Sheldon, surprise surprise, doesn't like Christmas, or giving presents, but, being the genius that he is, has figured out a way to beat the system. On finding out that Penny (played by the wonderful Kaley Cuoco) has bought him a present, Sheldon decides to buy different presents, ascending in price, so that when Penny gives him his present, he can momentarily excuse himself, go and look up the cost of Penny's present, and then give her the present that is closest in price. However, things don't go quiet to plan and Sheldon is left out of his element...


Sheldon has a hard time grasping the concept of sarcasm, which leads to many funny moments at his expense. However, throughout the show, he does develop his own unique sense of humour, or 'practical jokes or pranks', with the catch phrase 'BAZINGA' attached. Here, Sheldon is getting even with Leonard, after being scared by him.

Sheldon's Relationship with Amy

Finally, in the last couple of seasons, viewers have seen Sheldon develop a relationship with Amy Farrah Fowler (play by the talented Mayim Bialik). Raj and Howard are responsible for this development, having signed Sheldon up for a dating service, which matched him with Amy. Amy, a neurobiologist, is basically the female version of Sheldon. In this scene, you see the two of them trying to define the boundaries of the physical aspects of their relationship, and with Sheldon's dislike of human intimacy and contact, you know it was always going to be hilarious watching these two characters develop.