1. Downton Abbey

Taking place in the early 1900s in England, this television show shows us the fascinating history of this time period. The plot of Downton Abbey is excellent. Downton Abbey takes place in the country side of England in a small village called Downton. The story mainly focuses on the owners of Downton Abbey, the Crawly family. The reason this television show is such a beloved show is because it looks at two very different lifestyles, the service staff of the Crawly family, and the aristocratic family the Crawly’s. This show always has drama, something is always happening at Downton that will cause a stir, and take the show in an entire different direction. I love this show because it draws you in and you feel as if you are in Downton. This is one show that you want to keep watching and watching!


NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) is a television show that has all elements of a good show drama, action, suspense and some romance. NCIS is focused around a team at NCIS  lead by Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Gibbs and his team are always put to the test to solve difficult and sometimes very strange cases. What I really like about this show is the bond between the characters, and the characters and the audience. When something happens to them you feel emotions for these TV characters. The writers for NCIS are amazing, the show is never short of action, drama or suspense. There is always a plot twist that will leave you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

3. Modern Family

Modern Family is about an extended family in the United States. However, their family is not like most in the United States. Modern Family shows untraditional family types in the United States today. Jay is the father of Mitchell and Clair. Jay is married to Gloria who is much younger than him. This is an example of what some would call a sugar daddy marriage, however that is not what Jay and Gloria think of it as, they are truly in love. Mitchell is married to Cameron, they are a gay couple. Mitchell and Cameron have a daughter named Lily. Clair is married to Phil and they have three children together. Their three children are nothing alike personality wise. This makes for some very funny moments. What I like about this TV show is the family works together to overcome their differences, and the show always promises a good laugh!

4. The Little Couple

The Little Couple is a reality show on TCL about two little people who are married. The Little Couple truly is a reality show because it shows the real lives of Bill and Jen, they are not acting. We get a glimpse of what a little person's lifestyle is like. Bill is a business owner and Jen is a doctor. The show shows us all aspects of their lives from work to building their new house and from trying to get pregnant to adopting their children. The Little Couple also breaks down stereotypes of little people. Bill makes sure the show is funny with this dry humor!

5. NCIS Los Angles

NCIS Los Angles (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), takes place in Los Angles California. Like NCIS is never short of drama, romance, action and suspense. NCIS Los Angles unlike NCIS is more relaxed and has a casual California feel to it. The NCIS Los Angles team is always trying to solve crazy and heart racing cases. This team also has a great bond, especially Kensi and Deeks. Fan favorites, Kensi and Deeks break up the action of the show. Kensi and Deeks are partners who have a bit of romance going between them. Fans are always wondering when they will take their romance to the next level! NCIS Los Angles is never short of action. I don’t think there is an episode without a good old hollywood explosion!