Euphorbia Obesa

Otherwise known as the Baseball Plant, this plant is reminiscent of the egg pods from the movie Alien. Deep from the heart of Africa, this plant can grown to up to thirty centimeters in height and up to fifteen centimeters in diameter. Euphoria Obesa's sap is poisonous, so you'd better keep your distance; though luckily the species is on the verge of extinction, so its deadly resin may not be troubling us much longer. Euphobia is also widely cultivated in many parts of Africa.


Venus Flytrap

Of course, this plant had to make our list, being so well known amongst explorers and internet go-er's alike. The Venus Flytrap has become instantly recognizable as the plant that appears to be able to eat a person whole. Though officially being a Carnivorous plant, the Venus Flytrap usually only eat small insects, such as flies and beetles. Appearing to have razor sharp teeth and a jaw that can slam shut on its prey within a second, this plant will make you think twice before exploring off into the wilderness.


Amorphophallus Titanum: the Corpse Flower

Native to western Sumatra, this plant can grow over three metres in height and weigh up to fifty kilograms. In makes the list not becuase of its size, but because of the odor it excretes. This plant is said to emit an odour reminiscent of that of rotting flesh, though I can't be sure if that is just its natural scent, or becasue it is secretly a meat eater.


Rafflesia arnoldii

Otherwise known as the worlds largest flower, this behemoth plant can have a diameter of up to one meter and also has the appeal of .... that being its smell reminiscent of rotting meat. Weighing up to eleven kilograms, it lives as a parasite to the plant Tetrastigma. The plant is sparse and is also hard to locate. Through having the qualities of being gigantic, having the most appaling smell and finally being extremely hard to locate, this plant makes the list at no.2


Victoria Amazonica

No, you aren't hallucinating, and yes, that is a human child! Victoria Amazonica is a giant lilly pad capable of holding a fully developed infant. Native to the Amazon river, this species is farely ubiquous and can grow to have a diameter of up to three meters. Though I am quite impressed that this plant is capabale of supporting a child, i still wouldn't trust this plant, just incase it had ulterior motives. Slightly because I am a fan of lily pads, but more because I am extremely impressed that this lily pad can support a child, i rate this plant as the strangest, yet comical plant in the world.