Ok so this is my top five strangest weddings list. If you fancy replicating any of these ideas then you'll be sure to have a day that no one will forget. These ideas are far from the ordinary wedding day, just imagine that wedding album!

1. Flinstones Themed Wedding

Everyone remembers the Flintstones don't they? This couple and their family and friends will certainly always remember them. Would you be as daring to tie the knot while dressed up as your favourite cartoon characters? The two couples dressed up as Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty from the popular TV cartoon series Flintstones.

Strange Weddings

2. Shrek Themed Wedding

Fancy a wedding that no one will ever forget? This couple certainly did. If you want a wedding to remember then a Shrek inspired wedding is probably for you. This couple are obviously massive fans of the hugely successful Hollywood animated film Shrek, you'd have to be to paint yourselves green on you wedding day, surely? It's not just one couple that's done this though, apparently it's becoming very popular to dress up as Shrek characters on your wedding day.

Shrek Themed Wedding

3. Body Painted Wedding

One way to escape the costs of expensive wedding outfits is not to wear any! Not all of us have bodies that we want to show off though, so unless you're comfortable with your appearance then you best give this idea a miss. Also getting everyone to agree to a semi naked wedding may not be easy. There is one thing for certain though, your wedding will not be forgotten in a hurry and those wedding photographs will be interesting to look back at for years to come.

Strange Weddings_6(81634)

4. Superhero Themed Wedding

Superhero themed weddings are also more popular than you may think. If your partner is your hero then why not let everyone know? Again getting everyone that's going to be at the wedding to join in is key with this one. Maybe you could have hero's and villans at your wedding, the photographs would be just great!

This couple decided to tie the knot whilst dressed as superman, not quite sure why Robin is in the foreground though, maybe he's the best man.

Superhero Themed Wedding

5. Gas Mask Themed Wedding

An extremley strange wedding that just had to make the list!

I just had to include this one in the list of strangest weddings. This is far from being a popular wedding theme anymore, however it has been in the past. The war will have almost certainly provided the inspiration for this wedding. I'm not sure they realised how creepy the photographs would look though.

Strange Weddings_6