Freelance writers with an appeal for magazine writing should consider producing work for the teenage audience. These are extremely popular and great for increasing a writer’s income with easy to fashion articles. One way to get published in a teen magazine is gaining an editor's attention by knowing what they are searching for and delivering it with the right theme.

There are tons of new titles competing for the attention of adolescent readers, but many experts have admitted the magazines reached their peak in the 1990s. During the last several years social media networks and mobile technology have all affected the popularity of this arena. However, an article in one is still a bonus to any freelance writer resume.

Adolescents have consistently relied on them to find the latest news for their lifestyles. They enjoy them for the hottest hairstyles, most up-to-date fashion, newest beauty tips and even celebrity gossip.

Nearly 8 out of every 10 girls between the ages of 11 and 20 admit to buying one each month. One in three will get one each week. This means that even with the expert assessment of these publications going out of style, they are still trending quite well for the audience they target.

When creating material and deciding what to pitch to an editor, take your theme or subject matter into consideration along with who reads the work. Imagine your audience and write for them. The people reading these include all girls ages 11 to 20 with nearly half of these between 12 and 15 years old. Even boys of the same age have an interest in the latest gaming trends and music magazines which sell billions of copies each year. This leaves a lot of room to find a writing space.

These are the top five themes that work when writing for this genre;


Anything that has anything to do with someone famous is popular with this crowd. Celebrity fodder touching on marriages, divorces, what they wear and even where they vacationed is great. They really enjoy discovering little known fun facts about them.


Hot movies and music reviews are wonderful articles. Writing related to reviewing books and apparel is very well received. Producing these kinds of pieces is really quite easy and a fun way to get an article published. Make certain you are creating subject matter focusing around the most progressive and up to date items when fashioning a review of any kind.

Love life

Love life at this age is a major part of your audience’s lifestyle. They fall in and out of love at an alarming rate and really enjoy reading anything related to this new and unfamiliar territory they hope to master. Sensitive subjects like teen pregnancy and peer pressure are more difficult to tackle, but still are very attractive for a number of editors.

If you have a knack for creating these kinds of content, you will do extremely well in finding your byline in print. These are admittedly the most read articles.


Most readers readily admit to spending nearly three-quarters of all of their money they have on hand on beauty items. This includes clothing, hair and skin care products and especially cosmetics. They have to look great no matter what. You could fill volumes of pages of writing on eyeliner alone.

Fashioning material on the hottest hairstyles and other beauty products is one of the most popular reads after love life focused content.

DIY style items do very well in the beauty category. How about plucking eyebrows or dying your own hair? Useful and sought after tips will work continually for an editor with a teenage reader.


Music and those behind the music have an enormous appeal. The producers and writers are interesting as well as new technology related to the industry. Who is doing what and just about anything else going on in the music industry is noteworthy and worth the allowance money burning a hole in their pocket to read what you have to say.

Holding anyone's attention browsing the pages with this subject is easy. Generation after generation of people in this age group love music and the awareness and attention it gets is overwhelming with this audience.

In conclusion

Make your articles interesting, well written and focused on the specific persons who read these to achieve the greatest success getting your work in print. There are a number of mags around the country and the world where you can do very well as a freelance writer with adolescent readers. Many of these have electronic counterparts to their paper copies which leaves lots of room to get your work in black and white one way or another. These are the top five themes when building your next piece of work for these magazines today.

freelance writing for teen magazines is a great opportunity to make wonderful money