Buzzing and bites keeping you up all night or are you just tired of feeling overrun by unwanted pests in your home? There are several easy to follow methods to keep out those annoying and sometimes destructive pests. Some methods of bug control will, of course, work better for different types of pests but there are always steps you can take to make your home pest free . 



Especially needed in summer time, when flies, mosquitoes, bees and other flying pests are in the air, screens for all windows and outside accessible doors. These will allow you to enjoy the outside breeze without being bothered by outside pests and insects that can travel through open doors or windows. 


Perimeter Sprays and Powders

Perimeter sprays and powders can be a wonderful way to keep unwanted pests out of your home. These pest deterrents come in several brands and varieties and will often be found in most retail and hardware stores (WalMart, ACE, Lowes etc). However, for the majority you simply spray or sprinkle the pesticide or deterrent around the perimeter of your house or property. Doing this will protect your home from wayward insects and infestations for often up to 30 to 60 days.


If you prefer not to handle these yourself you can always call in the exterminator. They don't only do mice and large rodents - they have sprays specially made up to handle just about any bug problem your home may face. 


Keep It Clean

Keeping the garbage picked up and out of the house is a good way to keep out unwanted mice, cockroaches, ants, flies and more. Many of these household pest can be drawn to food odors and debris.

You also need to be diligent in cleaning up any spills or food particles that may come in contact with the counters, floors or walls. Household pests will be attracted to these leftover bits of food and drink stuff, so it is important to remove any residue that may get left behind by a simply pich up or papertowel wipe up. Regular kitchen cleaners or some soap and water should be enough to eliminate remnants that might catch bugs attention. 


Get a Cat

Though they won't do much for ants, fleas and some other smaller household pests they can still be great at keeping some unwanted pests out. Some common household pests and visitors such as cockroaches, mice, lizards, beetles and other "play sized" creepy crawlers do not fair well when a feline is present. 


Treat the Yard 

Yards can be home to many different pesky bugs and critters including: snakes, ants, mice, fleas, mosquitoes and more. If you are vigilant about wanting to keep the pests out then taking the proper steps outside will help.

Keeping the grass mowed, standing water gone or clean and circulating, debris out of the yard (where snakes and mice can hide), and treating the yard surrounding your home with bug and rodent deterrent (pesticide or natural treatments) will keep those unwanted pests at bay and keep your home pest free.


The location where you live can play an important role on which household pests and insects you have to deal with. If you are planning a move make it a point to check out what insects are local to you - especially ones that may be dangerous such as many types of snakes and spiders. Once you know what your biggest household pests will be you can find an insect deterrent or treatment method that is more tailored to your specific need of keeping your home pest free.