Bathroom decor getting old or looking ragged? Wondering if there are ways to spruce up a bathroom for cheap?  If you answered "yes" to any of those questions then you are in luck. Many people do not realize how far small changes can go and how inexpensive it can be to give any room, including the bathroom, a makeover. 

Here you will find 5 simple steps you can take to makeover your bathroom and give it a more fresh and vibrant look and feel without spending a lot of money. You will also learn that a cheap bathroom makeover really works and does not have to consist of counter, appliance, plumbing or cupboard replacements. 


Shower Curtain

Black Checkered Shower CurtainThrow away that faded and tattered shower curtain (or store away the nice but now boring one) and add a fresh feel by going for different colors, style or a different themed shower curtain to spruce up a bathroom. 

For most bathrooms you walk in and the first thing that usually pops out at you is the shower curtain so changing it will definitely give the appearance of a makeover and no one has to know that it was a cheap bathroom makeover.



Replace your old holey towels with fresh vibrant colors (or patterns if your walls are plain). If you don't keep towels in the bathroom then perhaps now is the time to start. A few neatly folded or hung towels in a complimentary color can add a little pop to a dull and boring bathroom and since they are something that gets used anyway it is money spent wisely.


Fresh Paint

For a more vibrant or toned down feel for your bathroom(whichever you are looking for) ditch the dingy solid white or other dingy solid colored paint. You don't have to go extreme and use an out of this world color on all of your walls. You can however try a brightly colored border or go all over with a mild color that is different from what covers your walls currently.

The exception to adding colored or patterned borders is if you plan to accessorize with patterns and colors. If that is the case then a fresh white or off white colored paint may be best, so as to not cause the theme to become chaotic or "too much".



Red Bathroom Rug SetPlacing a brightly colored shower rug and/or toilet cover into a plain or color free bathroom can really help bring it to life. The best part about this is it is cheap, saves you from slipping across the floor after a shower and are simple to clean. Don't forget you can also stock up on these in a multitude of colors or patterns so you can mix and match or change it up whenever things start to feel dull or boring. 



It may surprise you to know how much a few well placed and decorative: pictures, mirrors or shelves can give your bathroom a whole new made-over feel. These simple additions can add depth, space and character and leave it looking like you made a complete budget friendly bathroom makeover. 

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg on these decorative staples either - a quick stop at a thrift store or yard sale may be all that is needed!