Whether it is due to an old flair up or a new injury, people with knee problems need to be careful about adding exercises into their routine.  Before you begin anything, it is very important to talk to your doctor to make sure your knee is strong enough to begin exercise.  Remember, your knee like any other muscle.  It loses strength when it is not used.

Once you have an okay from your doctor it is time to begin getting back into shape.  There are many workouts for people with knee problems and those worried about reinjury.


Swimming & Aquatic Exercise

If you have access to a pool, swimming is a great low impact cardio exercise.  Swimming is a perfect alternative for running or walking.  If swimming laps does not interest you, check out the local YMCA for aquatic classes. 

Many facilities have been increasing the number of aquatic classes they offer because of multiple studies that have shown the benefits of exercising in the water. 




Most people who have had a knee injury have also undergone physical therapy and probably remember that dreaded bike.  It might be surprising, but spinning classes are great for increasing strength and range of motion. 

You will need to talk to an instructor to help adjust the bike so that seat and pedals in properly positioned.   The instructor can also give you advice about the length and resilience you should use during their classes.



Weight Lifting

Lifting weights is a great way to build strength in your knee.   All you need is a pad, lifting gloves and a set of weights.   Exercises like squats and lunges are going to help build muscle.  Lifting is also a great way to work out without adding intense cardio.

Now a days, there are many at home work plans that can assistant you with weight lifting without heading to the gym.  BeachBody’s ChaLean Extreme is a great program with modifiers in every workout you are sure to be building important muscle in no time.




Trainers will tell you that the best way to improve your body is to stretch as much as possible.  Whether is it a Winsor’s Pilates DVD or a class at your gym, pilates is an excellent way to improve muscle flexibility.   

You may find the need to modify some exercises and you continue to work on strength and flexibility.  A pilate’s pad and a towel will help relieve pain or discomfort during your workout.




For running related injuries, an elliptical is an excellent machine to help strengthen your knee as well as give you a workout similar to running.    As a high cardio but low impact workout, you may also start seeing weight loss which will also help with any knee pain.  Start with just five to ten minutes about three times a week and as you continues to get stronger you can increase the length.

If you are looking to purchase an elliptical be sure to try it before hand.  Not every elliptical is created the same and some may offer more features that will help with any knee discomfort.



As always, it is best to listen to your doctor.  At any time you feel pain or discomfort, stop! Remember, long and steady wins the race!