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Are you trying to eat healthier, lose weight, create your own healthy snacks or trying to save money by avoiding wasting food? Would you like to dry your own fresh herbs, spices or make a batch of potpourri? Good for you for considering buying a food dehydrator! A food dehydrator can help you to do all of those things and at very affordable prices with a wide variety of brands to choose from.

Dehydrating your own food helps you to control the ingredients and won't require additional sugars or preservatives and dyes that other store bought brands contain. These are the top food dehydrator brands that are rated by customer popularity. Many people are preparing for disasters and dehydrating food can be an easy item to keep, store and take along if you need to move out quickly - say if Zombies take over!

Learn more about the top brands, their features and benefits so that you can choose the best one for you and your family and start snacking healthy!



Nesco Food Dehydrator

Nesco has been in the food dehydrator business for over 30 years producing some of the highest quality kitchen accessories at very affordable prices of less than $100.

Benefits of Nesco Food Dehydrators:

  • 5 Trays for dehydrating fruit, vegetables, beef or roll ups separately without flavors mixing and no need to rotate trays. Just set it and within a few hours you'll have dehydrated snacks for home, work, school, camping or your car!

  • 700 watts of dehydrating power with the fan at the top of the unit allowing fast and even distribution of drying heat, dehydrating foods now takes only hours instead of days

  • Holds additional trays to dry even more foods (sold separately)

  • Easy to take apart, clean, washable by hand

  • Includes two flexible screens for herbs and spice or flower drying

  • Includes beef jerky spice along with a recipe booklet with additional ideas for drying all sorts of fruit, vegetable and how to make roll ups from leftover soups and sauces

  • Sharp design and neutral colors that coordinate with many kitchen styles

  • Many of the Nesco units are 10x10x13 allowing them to fit nicely on a kitchen counter for frequent use


Excalibur 3500 Deluxe Series Food Dehydrator

Another one of the most highly rated food dehydrators by customers is this Made in USA brand and for good reasons.

Benefits of Excalibur Dehydrators

  • Unique horizontal trays allow the forced air out the front of the machine to evenly heat and dry food

  • 400 watts of dehydrating power with a 5 inch fan

  • 5 Trays made of polycarbonate and includes screens for spices and herbs or even dried flowers

  • Trays should not need rotated but some organic leafy vegetables seem to dry much better with tray rotation

  • Adjustable thermostat and contains an on-off switch

  • Size is 17x19x8 inches taking up more counter space than smaller units

  • Excalibur offers a one year warranty with a 10 year extended warranty option

  • Includes a recipe booklet with recommended temperatures for dehydrating

  • Cost is around $200 for the Excalibur

  • Easy to use and easy to clean


L'Equip Food Dehydrator

Benefits of L'Equip Food Dehydrators:


  • This popular brand of food dehydrator boasts 550 watts of drying power with an adjustable thermostat for even distribution of drying power.

  • The fan and motor are located on the bottom of the L'Equip keeping it safe and pushing the warm air up and through the unit to slowly and evenly dry your fruit, vegetables, meats, herbs or flowers.

  • Temperature control feature allows for even drying throughout the unit

  • Larger than other similarly priced units containing 6 trays and can hold up to 20 trays, making this particular brand one of the largest with the largest drying surface

  • Removable mesh screens on each tray so that smaller spices, herbs or flowers won't fall through

  • Fits easily on a shelf for easy storage

  • Quiet to run and easy to clean

  • Cost of the L'Equip averages between $100 and $200

  • 12 year limited warranty should cover just about anything that could happen to your dehydrator


LEMS Food Dehydrator

Benefits of LEMS:

  • One of the largest food dehydrators on the market comes with 10 trays for drying all sorts of fruit and vegetables or herbs at once

  • This unit is also one of the few that contains a timer

  • Runs fairly quietly

  • 800 watts of power for fast and easy heat distribution for food dehydration

  • Rear mounted fan forces air throughout all trays evenly

  • Shatterproof trays and lightweight construction allowing it to be moved and stored easily

  • Instruction booklet with ideas for dehydrating food and the proper temperature and time for each item

  • Cost is less than $150 making it very comparable to other brands yet boasts more features more similar to commercial food dehydrators


TSM Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

Benefits of TSM Products:

  • Distributed out of Buffalo, NY, USA available worldwide

  • One of the few dehydrators that are made of food safe stainless steel, creating a very durable product that will not rust

  • Large size of 18x16x9 with a quiet motor

  • 800 watts of power with horizontal drying of food and meats for even dehydrating throughout

  • 5 stainless steel shelves

  • Easy to clean and use

  • Has a timer and adjustable temperatures (two features that many food dehydrators lack)

  • Removable back panel for cleaning and at home maintenance if required

  • Easy manual of directions

  • Less than $400 makes this TSM food dehydrator one of the most expensive but, does boast most features that customers want in one unit



These are the top rated brands of fruit and veggie dehydrators that customers like the most. There are more brands such as Sedona, Waring Pro or Ronco but each of those have documented problems such as melting trays, trays stacked too tightly for some leafy greens to fit, lack of warranty, flimsy design and more according to customer reviews. If you want a reliable food dehydrator for the home that you can use daily if needed, these top performers would be your best bet short of buying a commercial dehydrator.


Note: For commercial use such as in a restaurant or other business, you must purchase commercial grade equipment to stay in compliance with state laws. You will find cheaper food dehydrators that would work for occasional home use but, for the money and the many benefits of these most popular brands choose either the Nesco, Excalibur, L'Equip, LEMS or TSM dehydrators and you shouldn't be disappointed.

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For gardeners, commercial use or those buying fruit and veggies in bulk, check out this highly rated 9 tray food dehydrator by Excalibur.
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