Sometimes we make do with typical accommodations. Although a larger person might squeeze into a regular wheelchair, it is much more comfortable and safer to get one that is designed for a larger body frame.

A bariatric wheelchair is designed to be used at a time in your life that a little extra help and assistance is necessary. They come in both manual and electric motive styles. Weight capacities range from 250 pounds up to 1000 pounds and seating dimensions can be customized to fit any type body.

If you are at a place in your life where you need some help, here are four good reasons to consider a bariatric wheelchair;

Bariatric Wheelchairs Reduce Potential of Skin Wounds

Many skin wounds are due to increased pressure. This is especially true in the bottom area and distributing the weight with a proper wheelchair set can help relieve this pressure and reduce the potential of skin wounds.

Improve Quality Of Life

A bariatric wheelchair allows patients to move around and participate in social activities such as meals or being outdoors. This sensory input is very important for people who spend a lot of time being immobile. Being a part of their surroundings and communicating with others in a more natural environment really improves the quality of life for a disabled person.

Eases Burden On Care Givers

A bariatric chair will increase patient mobility. When a person is able to move around by themselves, it eases the burden on their care giver. It is very stressing having to be always "at attention" for a disabled person. Anything that provides a level of independence is good for both the patient and the care giver.

Improves Patient Safety

Bariatric wheel chairs should be comfortable for the patient and need to give a feeling of security. The extra support and stability offered by a properly designed bariatric wheelchair increases patient safety. Because chairs have increased axle support, during transport, they feel more stable and have a smoother ride than a traditional chair. Additionally, they are designed for allowing smoother patient transfer in and out of the chair with less likelihood of tilting over.

There are many manufacturers of bariatric wheelchairs with many different options. So there is no reason to settle for using a traditional wheelchair. Go ahead and investigate purchasing a properly customized bariatric chair so that you can enjoy the benefits described above.