Healthcare is a booming industry that continues to experience rapid growth and development. The increase in healthcare services and organizations has made more and more job opportunities become available in this field. Many of these jobs offer a high wage and a flexible work schedule making it an ideal position for many job seekers. The growth of the healthcare industry can really be attributed to four main causes.

Humans Aren't Invincible

The human body isn't designed to live forever as it changes, adapts and ages during a person's life span. While advances in healthcare and sanitation have helped extend the life of the average person, humans are still apt to get sick, injured and inevitably die. There is always going to be a need for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to provide services for individuals who can be treated while comforting those facing death.

Aging Population

One of the largest generations in the United States, the baby boomers, are nearing retirement and entering elderly years. Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia, cancer and other medical problems are often present or arise during this time. These diseases require additional healthcare services. Some elderly individuals become unable to care for themselves, which is why they need the services provided by home health organizations or a long-term care facility. As the number of elderly people increases in the next 10 to 20 years, more demand will be placed on healthcare organizations and professionals. To meet this demand, healthcare providers will need to open new facilities and hire new staff increasing the size of the healthcare industry and helping it to grow.


In the last few decades, major technological advances have been made in the healthcare field. More high tech equipment has been developed to provide treatment for diseases which prior to this were not curable. Technology has also made it possible to diagnose diseases earlier. This leads to higher recovery and cure rates since it's often easier to treat a disease in its earlier stages before it develops further and spreads to multiple areas of the body.

Education and Prevention

The final reason why the healthcare industry is growing and providing more job opportunities exist in this career field is the fact that more emphasis has been placed on health education and prevention. Schools and parents provide children with health education programs that teach them about the importance of exercise, eating healthy, practicing safe sex and taking care of their bodies. Adults also receive constant information about healthy lifestyles through employer wellness programs, stories in the media and public education campaigns. More focus and money is put towards preventative health measures such as tobacco cessation, exercise, healthy eating and regular screenings by your doctor for any problems. This creates an increase in the need for services since patients aren't waiting until they are violently ill to seek medical treatment. Instead they need doctors and nurses to give them regular screenings for any health problems, provide flu shots, counsel them on weight loss if needed and assist them with other preventative health measures they can take to protect their health.