Whether you are switching cell phone carriers or finally have that AT&T upgrade, there are many free phones on the market today.  Surprisingly, many of these phones offer similar features as the popular Blackberrys and IPhones.


Pantech Link II

Pantech Link


Non-Commitment Price: $199.99


As AT&T’s top of the line free phone, Pantech Link II offers many features that users both need and want.  Best known for its ease of use and great battery life, it is perfect for those who use their phone mostly for texting and calling. It’s design, similar to the Blackberry, help users who may be looking for a less expensive phone without losing style.

Some downfalls of the Pantech Link II are the limited memory and poor navigation.  Recent users have also noted some software bugs that case freezing.  No word from AT&T yet if there is a fix for the problem.


AT&T F160

AT&T F160


Non-Commitment Price: $149.99


If you are looking for an easy to use and durable phone than the AT&T F160 is perfect for you!  The ideal user would be a customer who uses their cell phone for mostly incoming and outgoing calls as well as someone who might be careless with their phone.

Customers do note that using the AT&T F160 for multi-media and internet browsing would be difficult due to the smaller screen size compared the current smart phones on the market.  This phone would not require any data package which would help save on your monthly bill.


HTC Status

HTC Status


Non-Commitment Price: $349.99


The HTC Status is one of the best value free cell phone that AT&T has to offer. Using the Android operating system, this smart phone keeps you in touch using all your social networks including Facebook.  With it’s touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard, users find the phone easy to use for texting and web browsing.

The only downfall to the HTC Status is the limited battery power.  If you plan to use your phone call day, it is best to buy an extra charger that you can carry with you in the car or at the office.


LG Phoenix

LG Phoenix


Non-Commitment Price: $369.99


The LG Phoenix offers a BIG touch screen and a 3.2 MP camera with a 4X digital zoom.  This phone is great for web browsing, text messaging and phone calls.  If your home or office has WIFI you can get added speeds by connecting your phone to your internet network.

Only a few users complaint of a short battery like if you are a heavy user, but that is an issue with most devices for heavy users.


AT&T offers many free phones for customers who are looking to sign a contract or up their current phone.